Post 'em here. :smiley:

I cast the first stone with the ever classic <a href=“” target=“new”>8-Bit Theater DnD</a> :3

All of LegendaryFrog’s stuff is worth mentioning, especially the FF Tribute vid.

Also noteworthy are the series Xombie and Strategy Guide.

Banana Phone (Classic)

Anything by David Firth (Yeah, the guy who did Salad Fingers, not for the weak of heart)

Anything by Vinnie Veritas (His art is just so damn cool!)

Weezer Jam Session (It’s like Donkey Konga, but with Weezer)

Kanzeni Marin Nitsuite (CHIBI FIRE!)

There she is!!! (Cute flash or social commentory? You decide!)

Final Fantasy A+ is a well done Final Fantasy Parody with Japanese voices.

How to Kill a Mockingbird defines the term “MOST AWESOMEST”(13 minutes long though)

Dad’s Home. Classic.
Anything by Randy Solem. Video Game Director’s Cuts. Need I say more?

OH! I forgot a really important one: <<< go to movies and check out “I love death”. Depressing. That’s life.

<a href=“”>Duh.</a>

<img src=“”> Here are some I encounter in the past that I really like, are just classics.

Fat-ktins Diet - Classic flash that rants against the low carb fad. Really good to listen to when annoyed. :smiley:

Pac-Man - A flash version of Pac-Man…do I need to say more?

Banana Phone (badger version) - A strange version of the Banana Phone with a strange singsong and Gundams covered in banana peals.

Mr T Versus AYB - I know this is a real flash that was made elsewhere, but since it appear from the fifth episode of Macc’s HQ…I had to post it.

There was another one I liked with some bizzare flash with demonic versions of Pee-Wee Herman, Harry Potter, Jay Jay the Flying Jet, and other people with their headings flying in the air. It was posted on the old RPGC message board (the Ezboard after Jim).

Magical Trevor
Magical Trevor 2

<a href=“”>Hyakugojyuuichi!!</a>

Why has no one said Arfenhouse yet? Pure genius.

<a href=“”>AH1</a>
<a href=“”>AH2</a>

Most stuff by DL is awesome.


VGDC ( Check out the symphony of the night alternate ending under fan flicks. Also check out Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom )

Good stuff.

Also, Final Fighting Fantasy is a classic. The original site is down, but you can still find his movies on Newgrounds and some other flash movie sites.

Think Different


It’s called 1-bit theatre, it’s hilarious


I have to say that the only link posted so far that I haven’t seen which I really really liked was Xombie. WOW. As for the stuff I have seen…

Legendary Frog - basically everything (there are a few duds though)
Final Fantasy A+
There She Is

well, of course