Best/Worst Fantasy Film

The Dark Crystal.

You decide if it qualifies for best or worst. <.<;;

What was bad about Lord of the Rings? Some people like longer movies that give them more story… Thats why alot of us enjoyed the extended editions… with the extra scenes… (like the extra 50 minutes) of scenes for Return of the King!

Correction Izlude. There were like, 15 minutes of extra scenes in the actual extended version. The third one was just really long anyway. But yeah, that trilogy is definitly the best.

The of the Rings is the best. But what’s really funny is that it’s classified as a Sci-Fi, and it’s those books that close to half the Fantasy books/films and made after

The Worst was FF: TSW, but mostly because of the lack of actual FF material.


What he said.

The return of the King received a record breaking amount of awards, including Best Picture.


D&D, no doubt about it.

As the worst or best?

For starters, thats incorrect. It recieved 12 Acadamy Awards, along with Titanic and another movie. So it broke no records.

For seconds, no movie is any good if it can’t keep you awake, which is my main complaint. I feel asleep in the theater during the first two movies and I watched the third one through On Demand at home. Like I said, the third movie is about as good as any other movie. All the movies significantly lacked the epic feel that it felt like it should have. The dialogue isn’t all that great or inspiring (some of it is, but most is not). Peter Jackson needs to learn that it’s not the big shots that give a movie an epic feel, it’s the acting. Sure, the landscapes were pretty, but so what? The acting wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as it needed to be to pull across the proportions of what was going on in the movie. Now this wouldn’t be as big a deal if the movie was actually interesting. Look at the plot line - there is never, at any point, anything going on other than Frodo trying to destroy the ring and Gandalf trying to unite the races. Everything else, specifically Frodo battling the Rings control, is horribly represented and might as well not even be in there at all.

The best part about the movie was the music, which was really the only epic feeling thing about the movie at all.

Best Fantasy: The Crow
Worst: Troll 2 (Z grade movie)

I was actually incredibly bored as well. :stuck_out_tongue: My parents watched the movie and every time I walked by it was just someone killing some monster or talking. I only watched the ending (before they went into sauron’s tower and the last battle).