Best/Worst Fantasy Film

I was curious about what people on this website have to recommend in terms of fantasy films (both old and new). What’s worth my time and what is tripe. This is my first thread so I’m not sure how or whether this will work but I’m interested in the answers. Among some names I can throw out, as examples, are: Legend, Willow, LOTR, etc. If possible name some of the more obscure films that I might have missed.

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Before someone comes in and says ‘Final Fantasy: TSW’; it wasn’t that bad a film. It just had nothing to do with Final Fantasy. Go see it at least once. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOTR = Best. Willow’s a classic. What was the name of that god awful semi-lotr clone of a movie with the teleporting mount doom equivalent and the running fire horses and the the guy who played Obi Wan’s mentor in SW Ep 1? The over happy hero rallied a bunch of thieves at some point.

Well, it all depends on your individual tastes. Also, do you mean ONLY live action films, or can animation be included? Does it have to be MEDIEVAL fantasy, or can any setting work, as long as magic is involved?

I’m going to assume you mean live action, medieval type movies. Here’s MY opinions:

Best: The Neverending Story. Yes, there were scenes from the Real World in it. Still, the whole “reader as part of the story” concept was wonderful to me.

Worst: Dragonslayer. Actually, it isn’t THAT bad, but it happens to be a satire on the whole rescuing-princesses-from-dragons concept, and when I saw it as a kid, expecting another Disney Family Movie, I was VERY disappointed. As an adult I can better appreciate it, but I’ll bet many people still find it too dark for their tastes.

Sin: Do you mean Krull? It wasn’t THAT bad. Not that good, either…


I don’t know about the best, but the worst was that lousy attempt at a Dungeons and Dragons film.

Dragonheart was pretty darn good, in my opinion.

I actually liked that. I was also 12 when I saw it. But there are worse Fantasy Movies. Like the Spirits Within.

Live Action Fantasy Film - LotR Trilogy
Animated - The Hobbit

LA- that movie Sin was talking about(I can’t remember the name, either)
Animated - Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Best Live Action: LOTR

Best Animated: Sprited Away, Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Unicorn

Worst Live Action: That D&D…thing.

Worst Animated: I’d say ‘anything recent in the vein of fantasy by Disney’, but then I’d piss people off.

LotR absolutely rocks, of course. And Willow is one of my all-time favorates.

As far as bad stuff goes, I second the D&D movie.

Best is Return of the King. Worst … Final Fantasy, I guess. That I’ve seen, anyway.

Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Cimmurian
Red Sonja

All three have Arnold in it. He plays a big dumb ass kicker. Red Sonja isn’t a Conan movie but he plays the same character. There’s some red headed slut in it who kicks a bunch of butt.

Lady Hawke

Some chick can change into a Hawk and she falls in love with some dude. But he doesn’t like birds or something, so they can’t have sex. I dunno.

Also: Fellowship of the Ring

The animated movie by Ralph Balkshi. IMO, much better than the live action LOTR. Unfortunately, it stops halfway through the first book.

There’s also alot of midievil type movies that aren’t really fantasy-based. These are alot of fun, too.

We all know what movie was the worst fantasy movie ever… why question it…?


Jesus people…

((edited because I just realized that someone already said D&D before me… boo))


-Anything By Hiyao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli (Did I spell those right?).

-I agree about The Last Unicorn, I watched it a million times when I was little.

-The Hobbit


-One word…Birth. The title didn’t even make se- Sorry, I don’t want to start a rant. -_-

A good one would be Labyrinth. Not the absolute best, because most of those have already been mentioned. And whoever said Willow, thanks a bunch. Been trying to remember the name of the fantasy movie with a W for awhile. It used to be one of my favorites, then I forgot the name.
edit: do the Harry potter movies qualify as fantasy movies? Because the second one is really good.

I don’t really watch Fantasy movies (I’m more of a Sci-Fi kinda guy), but I would just like to take this moment out of your time to mention that the Lord of the Rings movies are some of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Return of the King was the best one of the three, and even then it was an average film. It certainly wasn’t as boring as the other two, so it gets points for keeping me awake.

the best fantasy movie is The Dark Crystal.

the worst are the Lord of the Rings.

I can’t believe how far the thread got before someone mentioned Labyrinth! I even played an old PC game based on the movie - did anyone else? How about Clash of the Titans, lol?

I love trying to remember these old fantasy movies. There’s this one movie whose title I’ve tried to remember for years, but it keeps escping me. I think it’s about some guy who says he isn’t afraid of anything, and then he ends up on some crazy journey where he figures out that he can be afraid… hell, it’s been so long that even the basic plot escapes me. However, I do remember this obscure part where he’s very small on the edge of some water (and I even think it’s in a bowl or something) and there’s some huge creature inside. If someone could even begin to help me remember what this movie is, it would be awesome, but I’m not expecting anything.

Anyway… Labyrinth! :smiley: David Bowie! Dance Magic Dance!

For worst, you need to see Quest of the Delta Knights. Actually, it isn’t that bad of a movie, it does have David Warner in it after all. But it’s probably the worst fantasy film worth seeing, if only because it’s on an episode of MST3k. :smiley: