Best Wilfredo Martinez Avatar:

First we have the original, the one of a kind, the defending champeen Wilfredo Martinez Avatar original by WILFREDO MARTINEZ! Let’s hear it for him shall we!

AUDIENCE: “Hoorah! Vive Wilfredo Martinez!”

And then we have the first challenger… a Wilfredo Martinez from another dimension. Worn, weary, and palette swapped… it’s VORPY!


AUDIENCE: “Ay dios mio! Es VORPY! Huzzah!”

In the blue corner… we have the one who brought us a basket of bees! Throwing his hat into this ring… oh no… they say he’s got to go… go go Gila Monster!

AUDIENCE: “¡Me llamo Sr. Pantalones y tu tambien!”

Every match needs a heel, and this royal avatar rumble has got a BIG one. If you have a favorite anything, he’s going to tell you why it sucks! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES… IT’S HADES!

AUDIENCE: “¡Mi película preferida es The Dark Knight!”

What’s that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it one of my bad jokes! YES! But no… it’s the perfect invention for the lazy man on the go, all thanks to… POKÉFREAK!

AUDIENCE: “¡Se chamuscan mis cejas! ¡Lastima!”

And the one that needs no introduction… but I shall introduce him anyway because I have to. The one, the only, the face eating… CHARLEMAGNE!

AUDIENCE: “¡No coma por favor a mis bebés!”

And now, that’s the end of what I remember from my horrible Spanish, and also the end of our contestents. Now, it’s up to you True Believers. This poll closes in a mere FIVE DAYS (more than enough time for the bandwagon to end)! Who will be immortalized in RPGC history? Stay tuned!

I voted for Char

I don’t even know what I was going for with mine. I just wanted to make something wonky so I cloned the head, made it different colors, and drew a stache on the front one for no real reason. Char’s is really well done though.

I think Vorpy wins for ridiculosity though.

Pokefreak wins for having the one I never would’ve noticed if no one pointed it out to me.

I protest the lack of a 984 option - no poll here is complete without it.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make one.

Oh, yeah. grumbles and slinks off :smiley:

You know, I NEVER expected that my avatar would get this popular. I just picked it because I thought it kinda looked like the real me, and stuck to it because I didn’t want to be changing my avvie every three months like everybody else. I thought it looked pretty dull, to be honest.

And it’s nice to see us coming up with crazy stuff out of nowhere and rolling with it just for fun like we used to do. I guess we have Charle to thank for that. :slight_smile:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I voted for Hades’ version. (Voting for my own would have been selfish, no?) It has a “groovy” 60’s feel to it. And I look surprisingly good with a handlebar mustache. Maybe I should try it in real life. :wink:

Everyone without a handlebar moustache would look better with one. [STRIKE]Even[/STRIKE] Especially women.

Charlemagne’s is the most surreal. It’s between that and Hades for me.

Handlebar mustaches look better with handlebar mustaches.

With handlebar mustaches on those too? (And so on…)

That’s just silly.

Charlemagne has over half the vote. Come on! Somone give him a run for his money! So far second place is Hades with only TWO votes. I know you can do better! :open_mouth:

It’s the eyes, man.

I’d say that it’s just the fact that it’s Charle. :stuck_out_tongue:

My version has gone next-gen in an effort to get more votes. Everyone loves bloom shaders.

It’s one of those faces you can flip and there’s another face. Now it looks like an elderly (or EXTREMELY tired) Kirby. That’s what you get when eyebrows turn into that nasty under the eye stuff.

That’s such a terrific idea that I decided it will be version 5 of my wilfredo avatar.

Charlemagne is best

Dammit, you guys can be really creative when you want to. :hahaha;

There’s still THREE MORE DAYS until the poll closes and the new champeen is declared! It looks like Charlemagne is whalloping all the rest of you.

For shame! Perhaps one of you will come from behind, but you’d better get cracking now, lest the walruses of perdition gang up on you and start making sweet love to your FACE!

I vote Pokefreak. Probably voting for that lazy human because I myself am a lazy person. GO RAWKET LAWNCHAIR!!!