Best way to clean a monitor?

Ordinary glass cleaner leaves it all streaky. Is there anything special one should use to clean off a computer monitor?

I usually just vaccum the dust off it. If you’re using a damp rag or something with liquid, I suggest you dry it immediately after.

If you have any medical rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, mix that with water to make it a 50% solution, that’s practically the same as any cleaner you would normally buy. Then use cotton balls or some other soft material to clean the screen.

Modern monitors come shipped with a coating of glare resistant material on the screen. Because of this, the only way you want to clean a monitor is with a very soft rag dampened with water. Silk is the best choice; never use paper towels. This works for either CRT or LCD monitors.

Unfortunately, the bad news for you is that because you’ve already used windows cleaner on your monitor, the ammonia in it has already messed with the glare protection on your screen. This means that now you’ll never be able to completely get rid of the streaks, and your image quality will be slightly reduced. Try re-cleaning the monitor with a damp rag, and you might be able to improve the situation somewhat.

Rinn: While it was once true that screen cleaners were once nothing more than alcohol mixed with water, due to the sensitive nature of modern screens, it’s not true any more. Alcohol will mess with the glare on a modern CRT, and will do terrible stuff to the screen of a LCD. The best screen cleaners on the market today don’t contain any alcohol, and work pretty well from what I understand, but a damp rag is much cheaper.