Best vido game console for RPGs

What videogame console had the best RPGs?

I would have to say Super Nintendo, because of games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III.:get it?:

I’d say the SNES as well.

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SNES and Maybe PSX,
PSX just because N64 had close to no RPGs and those were the only two systems I had.

Id say the playstation had the best RPGs

PS2 all the way.

And who can forget the NEOGEO?

Id say SNES had the best overall, but imo the best console RPG of all time was on Sega CD - LUNAR!!

Thanx foor your incite people.Those who do not want to awnser the question should not critcize it.:fungah:

I didn’t criticise it, you posted it in the wrong forum so I moved it to where it belongs.

Super Nintendo, closely followed by the Wonderswan Colour.

Originally posted by Gila-Monster
I’d say the SNES as well.

Wonderswam Colour does have soem very good rpgs on it. <3 Arc the Lad

SNES. Though that was the peak in video games in general.
The DreamCast has an excellent collection of RPGs as well.

Since I’m a Western RPG whore, I’m going with the Xbox!