Best use of Mario Paint ever

Never thought someone would use the music function to make this sort of tune: Wily Castle Megaman 2

It sounds pretty close to the original too, heck, the special effects make it catchy.

I completely approve.

Check that dude’s Youtube page, he has a ton of Mario Paint Remixes.

This is better. :stuck_out_tongue:

To say that’s absolutely fucking awesome still wouldnt be giving it enough credit. I love it!

I’m familiar with this dude’s work. He is the awesome.

I’m fond of this one:

There’s no boobies in that! You lied about it being the best use ever! I’m just kidding, but that it pretty cool. That probably took a lot of time and it is done so well.

This video Kicks ASS!!

I’ve been looking for a reason to revisit Mario Paint and now I’ve found one.

Btw, why in god’s name hasn’t Nintendo brought a New Mario Paint to one of the more recent consoles. Just think of the possibilities with MP DS or MP Wii. Drools

Worst music notation software ever?