Best Silent Hill game

It’ s the scariest game I’ ve ever played. Any other survival-horror wannabe is just comedy to me now. Anyway, which one is the best? Scariest and/or just fun to play. I’ ve played SH1, SH2 and started (well, I’ m almost halfway through) SH4.

Played 1, 2 and 3 and preferred 3.

The only one I’ve played all the way through was SH3, so I can’t exactly answer this with a great amount of faith about it.

I will say this, the way they explained that detective’s reason for seeing the monsters was something incredibly subtle, but satisfying if you uncover it for yourself. You just have to think about it for a little while and you figure it out. It was like reading a book and figuring out somthing before it tells you.

You feel all proud and stuff.

2, 1, 3, 4…in that order. I miss the broken radio in SH4. Maybe they’ll bring it back in SH5. :\

Wow, I was shocked that this was even a competition. Anyone I’d talked to irl had always preferred SH2. I’m glad to see some love for the other games in the series.

SH2, SH3, SH1, then SH4.

Gotta say SH2 was the scariest but SH3 is my fave in the series =)

I’ve only beaten 1 at this point, but what I’ve played of 2, 3 and 4 were interesting too.

As long as it’ s a SH game, it’ s always worth something…I love that series. The guy who came up with the “scorched-looking walls” thing deserves a statue. Great atmosphere, always.

I like that one with the fog. And the dark setting. And the flashlight and the things jump out from behind corners to try and scare you. Yeah. That one was good.

Oh, that one. I also like the Resident Evil game with the zombies, or the zombie-like creatures. Similarly, I like that Dragon Quest game that has the slimes, and the Final Fantasy game that lets you use Magic… -_-

Only played the first. Pure gold.

Zombies don’ t scare me at all…

BWAIIIINS… <img src=“” height=“100” width=“300”>

I personally liked Silent Hill 3 the best, with Silent Hill in second. I didn’t really like the others. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is, “all of them rocked harder then RE on a good day (which it never had)?”

Oh SH, my heart is yours… and how you defiled it with your tainted love. Oh oh oh.


All of them rocked harder then RE on a good day!!! (which it never had)

You know, some of us can like both series… -_-

Only SH scares me. And by “scares” I mean “constant psychological fear and gloom”, not “jumping because something popped up while everything was quiet”. That’s why I like SH. :wink:

I don’t find either series scary. Sure, it might wierd me out; but that’s it. I like Silent Hill because it’s more sophisticated than Resident Evil. I have all the Resident Evil’s, and Silent Hill’s avaliable to me, and I can say, as a survival horror fanboy, that Silent Hill is much better.