Best RPG You Played

Right Now Im Going With Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret Of Mana 2) It has Good Graphics For Super Nintnedo,Awesome Story,Cool Spells,And You Can Choose Your Own Characters Have A Different Story And Have A Different Last Boss Some May Be Hard And Some Easy.

Vagrant Story. There I said it.

I Dont Know Why This Bothers Me, But You Dont Capitalize Every Single Word In A Sentence, Unless It’s A Book Title. I Guess Because I’m Looking To Major In English.


Lunar: SSSC
Suikoden II

Planescape: Torment, period.

The Fallout & Might & Magic series are quite lovely too.

It’s a very difficult choice, since I don’t think there is one game that excels in all areas.

Planescape: Torment has the best-told history I have ever seen, with amazing characters and gigantic role-playing potential, but as far as the game part goes in comparison to other Forgotten Realms titles, it’s pretty much crap: Only three classes in a game that begs to be played as a Mage anyway, tiny-ass amount of weaponry, practically zero battle-oriented challenge, brutally overpowered characters, that stupid morale glitch, and the list goes on. It’s an absolutely magnificent very interactive novel and I loved every minute of it, but it can’t be called a good game per se. And it sucks how 70% of Grace’s story got cut off >:(

Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II fix all the aforementioned problems, though they balance out by having a shitty main plot and drastically less interesting characters (Except for Minsc). Of the CRPG genre in general though, they’re probably the best I’ve played. And god damn, I have never seen better dialogue options for a main character than the ones in BGI.

Xenogears has an amazing story and characters, but the gameplay is pretty monotonous and… well, you know, Disc 2.

Disgaea is in a genre of it’s own. The characters, dialogue and voices are all amazing, and the gameplay has some very fun points (Item World/Pupil-Master/Job System) that get crapped out by some truly atrocious elements (Levelling/Non-existent Enemy AI). I can say, whoever, that I have hardly ever loved a cast more than Laharl, Flonne, Etna and Mid-Boss.

When I think about all this, Final Fantasy IX probably comes off as the more balanced amalgam between plot, characters, music and gameplay. It’s far from being perfect, but aside from the skill-gaining system and the slow battles, it’s the one fully oldschool-style game that doesn’t have too many glaring mistakes. I suppose Final Fantasy VI could work as well too.

<b>Final Fantasy Tactics</b>. I guess a lot of RPG’s that I’ve played are shortlived in terms of gaming hours, but FFT took the cake for that. I think that in the time I’ve spent playing FFT (and still not complete it), I could have beaten FFX 2 times over. One feature in an RPG is longevity, and FFT is one of the best.

My favorite RPGs are Chrono Trigger, Tales of Phantasia, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The first one, not KOTOR 2. Why are these titles my favorite RPGs? Simple; you can play them forever, and replay them countless times, and you will never be bored. Ever.

Xenogears. The only RPG in my book that approaches “art”.

I Dont Know Why This Bothers Me, But You Dont Capitalize Every Single Word In A Sentence, Unless It’s A Book Title. I Guess Because I’m Looking To Major In English.

Don’t major in German.

You still don’t capitalise everything in German, just nouns. Which is kind of handy when learning German, since if you see a capitalised word in the middle of a sentence, you know it’s a noun.

The best RPG I have ever played has got to be FFIX, that game started the whole rpg thing for me. The game has mindblowing graphics and a crazy story. I love that game to pieces!!

Also another RPG that is on the “best rpg ever played” is Dark Cloud 2 and Kingdom hearts.

Chrono Trigger FTW.

<b>Dragon Quest 8</b> or <b>Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars</b>.

DQ8 represents years of refinement of the very formula a console RPG is based on. It has a story that entertains without needing to claim depth (Xeno…), kookiness, or other gimmicks, a wide world begging for exploration (without demanding it!), dungeons neither too simple <small>(Ok, maybe the mole caves…)</small> or too complex, characters with great personality, and the soundtrack is of course…need I say it? I can understand some complaints - it’s too long for some, it’s not gimmicky enough for others

Super Mario RPG I elect for more personal reasons. It’s one of those products where no one aspect is stunningly better than another game’s (except for maybe the graphics, given the time it came out), but the pieces are thrown together just so nicely.

So, one of those two. There are other games I might like more from time to time (like FFIV), but the reasons often have less to do with the quality of the game itself than the circumstances in which I played it.


FF6 and Chrono Trigger are tied for 2nd.

Tough choice but I guess its going to be The Legend of Zelda. The one that started it all.
Runner ups are as followed: Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past/Links Awaking/Adventures of Link/Ocarina of Time(in the order of likedness also AoL&OoT tied so its in chonological order there), Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI/Tactics, Illusion of Gaia, Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, and Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken.

Xenosaga I, II, III.

Chrono Trigger. And that’s understatement.

I enjoyed Dirge of Cerberus alot. I loved the story line and the grapics. Oh…and I love Vincent, He is so frickin cool. :slight_smile: Wait…ok, maybe its not a rpg, but what the hell, i love it anyway, and i am really tired, so i cant really think right now.

Super Mario RPG - The first RPG I ever played. I absolutely adored it. Everything about it: The characters, the near endless amount of side quests, the battle system, was done remarkably well. Plus, it has Geno, 'nuff said.

Chrono Trigger - I don’t think I need a thorough explanation on this one.

FF6 - I dunno why, but this FF in particular I’m just addicted to. I like FF4 as well.

FFVII, and I reckon everyone can guess why :sunglasses:

It has my favourite video game characters, a great story, great plot, and I can’t wait till it gets remade with great graphics too.

Another one is KH2, which came out over here last week. It rocks

You expect just one answer? Legend of Zelda:ALTTP.

Oh, technically many people don’t acknowledge it as an RPG. So I get to choose another one. Fallout 2. I’m replaying it right now with a melee character and it’s as addicting as ever. The dialogues are especially witty + it’s one of the most open ended RPGs I’ve seen (shout out to Mabat and Might & Magic).

And okay, all of us love Chrono Trigger. Next one? :stuck_out_tongue: