Best magician?

Personally i think Copperfield is better.

I think Copperfield too,
but Gandalf crushes them all, they cannot pass!

Penn and/or Teller.

Cheers :toast:

I’m going to have to vote for Jesus.


Magical Trevor, 'cause the tricks that he does are ever so clever.

I agree yay for Jesus

Yes, jesus is the best magician in the world, he has tricked Millions into seeing somthing that isnt really there, Jesus IS the best magician.

Houdini. Copperfield may be a better showman, but I have yet to see him try to escape from REAL deathtraps.

And Penn and Teller are lame. :noway:

What is the thing that isn’t really there? And if you’re talking about the church, that’s more the popes, Jesus just started it.

The spoon. He tried to make us think there was a spoon. But there is no spoon.

I liked Penn and Teller. When they explained the trick, they at least made sure the explanations were interesting.

Hehe. Remember that episode of South Park?

Stan: Turn this water into wine then.
Jesus: You have to turn around first.
All: turn around
Jesus: replaces water with wine jug from under table

There isn’t! But, but, my whole system of belief is based upon that fact. If there isn’t a spoon, there is no universe! I want my spoon!
On a side note, I’d like to congratulate you on ridding me of my last dillusion. Have a moogle, on the house. :moogle:

I just didnt want this to turn into a religeous debate, lol, but um, yourwelcome?

That was, in fact, sarcasm. Or possibly satire. I don’t even know anymore. Although I’m guessing you guessed that

As for the actual question, Houdinni kicks Copperfields ass twelve ways to Sunday.