Best IM proggie ev0r?

A friend of mine asked me to try Miranda, so I did… And I gotta say, I’m mighty impressed. It’s small, fast, simple, resource-saving… What more could a guy wish for? Best of all: It supports EVERYTHING. ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, IRC, you name it!

Only thing I can’t understand is why there is no Linux support when it’s on Sourceforge…

I have no ICQ. I need the number, this sucks.

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Sure is the best. It doesn’t even install correctly. It comes with a corrupt database.

No thanks, I’ll stick with Trillian Pro, what with it not installing and all.

Trillian works too well for me to trust another program which is apparently bugfilled.

GAIM is the best. Period.

GAIM sucked. No file xfer capabilities and it had conflicts with people that had different versions of messangers than mine.

The best IM protocol is Jabber, period.

It got support for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall other prots. :slight_smile:

I still don’t understand why people even need a program that can utilize 3000 other IM programs. I mean, is it really that much different to just use the ones you need individually?

Meh, I just use AIM, Yahoo, and mIRC separately. It works fine for me.

I use Trillian so I have one process running instead of three, I don’t like a cluttered sidebar.

I installed it. Then I discovered Trillian was more practical; so I’m sticking to that. Elsewise I use Gaim.

I have three running. However, they’re forced ‘hidden’ under the arrow. The only thing that shows by default is my Lan icon and Norton.

I like trillian because unlike AIM, once I open it, it doesn’t reopen automatically and do all kinds of other crap to my pc. It behaves almost like Spyware. -_-… And since I have ICQ , I get the benefit of having it (and mirc) all in the same place. Its neat imho.

I don’t like those programs cos they don’t always support all the functions and features available on the programs. A lot of earlier versions of trillian couldn’t send or recieve files with ICQ :open_mouth: Forget it. I don’t even use all of them, just ICQ. No big deal to me.

I only use 2 Proggies, MSN, and IRC. Ussually i will close MSN if it annoys me though…Plus, How am i going to use my mIRC quote script in any other proggies…or My Mp3 Player :stuck_out_tongue: