Best Halloween Costume?



wow… I should be a mummy this year. Mummys kick ass.

deep voice You can be my mummy any time, babe.

[STRIKE]Monkey Island influence[/STRIKE]


Also, my brother’s friend got a t-shirt printed up for his costume once. It read ‘Pervert’. THAT’S an awesome costume. <.<

I’m usually Death,but beccause Death isn’t on the list so I’ll have to say vampires and werewolves,they are awesome:fungah:

Obviously it’s The 984.

Sexy Nurse. Or Sexy Maid. You know, actually just put ‘sexy’ in front of any other costume and that’s where my vote would go.

Head-crab zombie

Mad Scientists r us/Ninjas.

video game/movie character. My friends dressed as those three guys in Advent children and carried around mother everywhere they went. They were definetly the most interesting costumes I saw around.

Since you don’t have a Cat Burgler/Terrorist option I might as well pick the Pirate instead.

Sexy The 984. Oh wait. That’s redundant.

I was… Somethign I made up. Cause I’m imaginative. Yawp.

Zed all the way baby. Even though Halloween is over.

I thought about several costumes:
984 in the hospital
Tetsuo in the hospital part of Akira
One of Dr. Who’s patients (Yes, I know, he was not that sort of Doctor)
One of Dr. McNinja’s patients
One of Dr. Rick Dagless, M.D.'s patients
One of Sinistral’s patients
Rigamarole’s MILF in the hospital
A surprisingly well preserved mummy who came unrapped except for bandages on his neck and one hand who was wearing a hospital gown to better bring vengeance on those who opened his tomb in secret.

Yeah. I was getting surgeried all up in my neck, but I didn’t let that limit me.

I don’t sponsor them, honest.

I meant this kind of mummy not that MILF, but of course you don’t, Rig.

Hold on, now I’m going to mix up that mummy with the mummy and the tomb. Anyway, I’m afraid the doctors weren’t too impressed by the costume you proposed. Oh, and thanks for the compliment (yep, we are an image society).

Darth Revan!

A Zombie/Ninja/Pirate.