Best Google "Holiday" Evar

It’s the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. As is its wont, Google put up a special logo commemorating the occasion. But it’s not just a logo! Pull it up and wait a few seconds. Go on!

Okay, for the lazy and impatient: You can play it. How cool is that? :biggrin:


Damn I suck! I haven’t played Pac-Man in years! Thanks GG!

I’m still waiting for The Movie. :hahaha;

Looks like Google caught some Pac-Man Fever!

That said, made it to level seven. Too bad it doesn’t stay long for you to record your score.

I agree, it’s the best google logo ever! Maybe they’ll do FFI someday.

That was nice, thanks for bringing it to our attention. Google should integrate their logos in their search results as I mostly use the google toolbar and always miss their logos unless they’re brought to my attention.

edit:Lots of attention bringing here :stuck_out_tongue: Also, cower before the might of the power up, ghosts.

Fun fact, press the Insert Coin button under the search bar to allow a second player a go at it as Ms. Pac-Man.