One of the most interesting MAME (arcade) ROMS I’ve come across is Pachinko: Sexual Reaction (1998, Sammy). It’s electronic pachinko with a twist!

For some unkown and mysterious reason, it never saw release outside Japan. But we can always hope!!!

First you need to choose which female shall accompany you to the pachinko game:

And then she’ll cheer you on! “GO”! :smiley:

How it works: kinda like pinball, but you need to get your balls to end up in the middle, so you can hit the jackpot. everytime your balls end up in one of those special slots, you get points…and each round you need a certain amount of points to move on. it’s all about what you do with your balls!!!

(part 2 coming soon)

if you get a jackpot, you have an opportunity to see these kewl pix like this of the girl you chose!

or like this one…

after you finish the round, you get a nice anime cut scene where your ~partner~ has to change into a new outfit to wear as she cheers you on! it’s so “redeeming” after all your hard work! image had to be censored to post here :frowning:

some of the characters are more happy than others when you win (that’s “you” in her arms)…

(as opposed to…)

the later stages get more interesting, as there are 2 bosses introduced, and their stages are much more difficult…

(part 3 coming soon!!!)

the later stages have some kewl special effects!

none of the girls seem to care for this cute little get-up:

and some outfits don’t suit everyone…

and she…just shouldn’t even bother!!!

but everyone seems ~kinda~ happy at the end.

so do you want to continue?

heh, for some reason, i kept playing until i, uh, finished. anyhow, if you want the rom, it’s 21MB…someone in #rpgclassics might know, but not tonight - ill be busy beating the bosses!


If you’re gonna jack off to something, AT LEAST jack off to something good.

Counting down till this gets closed :stuck_out_tongue: if it is :stuck_out_tongue:

/sarcasm :thud:


/me uber-facepalms

:thud: The rules state against porn like this.:fungah:

C’mon, Locke. This is a family show.

Man. Even when I did the Hentai thread, I didn’t ASK for pics! Then again, sun did post some, but they were cool, as well as tasteful.

You failed.

Originally posted by Moon Beam Girl
:thud: The rules state against porn like this.:fungah:

This isn’t porn, it’s censored. But the pics are inappropriate nontheless.

Yeah it’s just exagerated cartoon pictures, not porn or anything… but it’s also pretty stupid, and I have to say, this is one of the oddest threads I’ve seen in a while.

You can see half a nipple in two of them.

Oh dear God… :fungah:

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YO LOCKE! if you ever read this…dude, go download “galpans2” right now…its even better (yes hard to belive) than this one.

I think I’ll go to the corner to curl up and die… this was the last pressure on my feverish state… X_x