Best fanart I've ever seen

I can’t believe it when my friend told me these are fanarts. Well, some of them are original, but oh my god, these are fantastically excellent.

Impressive. There ARE some great amateur talents out there.

Holy shit…that’s some good drawing.

It’s good art, I grant you that, but I don’t know if it’s the best art I’ve seen.

Liar! That’s not fan art, it’s too good to be fan art.

If that’s the best fanart you’ve ever seen, obviously you haven’t seen any of my fanart yet. BAM!

But seriously, that art is good, but not the best I’ve seen, simply because I have different tastes in fanart. Obviously, this guy is a super-skilled artist, but I’d still rather stare at a simple chibi picture of Yuffie or something than look at his art, because I like SD fanart more than any other type.

Evidence of amazing technical skill is shown there, but the images just don’t inspire awe in me…

…I GOT IT! You know what they need? BACKGROUNDS. That is definately the missing link.

Wow, thats WAY better then I could do…ok I know I’m only ten but I’m still pretty good at fanart (I will be posting some soon.).

That’s a really cool drawing.

Pretty good, but not the best I’ve seen either :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, but not nicest.

Let me rephrase it then: it is the best fanart I’ve seen SO FAR.
And onemore thing. I’ve just realised that those are his original works. I checked sites for those and had no results. The only fanart is the doujinshis he did under comic.
And I’ll say it a thousand times. The art IS impressive.

Impressive. There ARE some great amateur talents out there.

Hades, it’s pretty obvious you haven’t seen the Gallery, cuz all the pics in the Gallery have FABULOUS backgrounds.
And Wil! It’s not amateur! >:(

Do you understand what “amateur” means?

“Amateur” means “not done by a professional” as in “not paid for doing the work”. It doesn’t mean poorly made work. Heck, I’ve seen some amateur artists whose work outshine many pros’.

Of course, I’m assuming this person isn’t a pro. In any case, there ARE great amateur artists out there, who deserve more attention than they usually receive.

Check this site out, I visit it occasionally…
Mostly RO/Mabinogi Fanart, but some are good…(very)

EDIT: Nulani, your avatar and your comments go along nicely. :hahaha;

gasp that’s soooo good!
How’d you find the site?

Well I just surf the 'net for great Illustrators…

I think Grand Youkan(the illustrator above) works(worked?) for RO…some of her illusts got published…

Looking at the line work, coloring, and perportions, its not hard to tell that the artist is skilled (talented is a fucking stupid word because it doesnt in ANY WAY include the time the artist spent practicing to be as good as they are) yet I wonder, if he/she is that skilled, why waist thier time on fan art? My guess is, this person is doing more than we know with thier skill.

i certainly hope that person is a professional.