Best Euclid's Postulate?

I prefer the 5th one myself

Cless, I hate to say it, but I think you and I may be the only two people here who even know who Euclid is.

Euclidian geometry. :slight_smile:

Geometry is okay, but I like Calculus better.

I prefer non-Euclidean geometry myself.

Eh, regular Euclidean Geometry class by itself provided enough “indescribable horrors that reduced men to babbling wrecks” for my taste.

Also, Pythagoras would totally kick Euclids ass in a fight.

Archimedes would kill Pythagoras and Euclid in a fight. …A mathematical fight anyway.

He was killed during a siege of Syracuse, where he lived… and while the city was being ravaged, Archimedes was obliviously working diligently on a math problem in the dirt. He was to be spared, but he was too distracted to let the soldiers know his name, he just told them not to disturb his problem he was solving. He was, slayed, of course. He was also apparently on the verge of discovering calculus around 200 BC, but he died and it wasn’t discovered until Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz did it 1500 years later.

Also, speaking of Newton, he and Carl Friedrich Gauss were also much better mathematicians than Pythagoras and Euclid.

Ah yes. With the whole triangles not having 180 degrees… I think I heard something that on the right curved surface, pi equals three.

<img src = “”>
<1 + <2 + <3 > 180 :open_mouth:

Now try it with a concave surface, Cless.

The Euclidean algorithm, god that pissed me off last year when we were doing number theory. Easy, but dull and laborious as shit.

…Although I fail to see what the poor guy’s prostate has to do with anything.


It’s a Lovecraft reference.

I learned about Euclid’s Maxions in Philosophy. Does that count?

Maxions? I can’t tell if you’re trying to say maxims or axioms. =P

Either can be used as a synonym for postulate in this case, but “axiom” tends to be used more in a mathematical sense than maxim.

Shut up!