Best Comedian

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cowers Ahhh, not the puppy eyes!! OK, OK, I’ll drink some!

Originally posted by Frameskip
Where is George Carlin, and Lewis Black?

Yeah your poll is seriously lacking =(
Theres also Robin Williams, Mel Brooks, Bill Cosby, that Gallagher guy, SNL persons, some of the people doing standups on Comedy Central, etc, etc, etcera ahhh well you get the idea.

I blanked out when I was making the poll… @&$% pollen!

There there Manus…whilst yer in a confused state, have some coffee! passes him her mug :slight_smile:

Who cares about other comedians? Comical Ali beats 'em all.



HEY! NO FAIR! Passes Manus another mug of coffee and draws her sword EN GUARDE! :enguard:

None of the above.

Originally posted by Lady Shadowz
HEY! NO FAIR! Passes Manus another mug of coffee and draws her sword EN GUARDE! :enguard:

shoots the new coffee mug Hee hee hee! a cloud of smoke engulfs me

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Shit yall, stop with the TOBifacation of every thread you touch.

:eek: Sorry, sorry!

Note to self: Stop doing ANYTHING!!!

Anyways, back on topic. Blair should probably come second, after the really FUNNY joke he made about two days ago! Apparently, the British public don’t NEED a vote on whether we join the EU or not, as it’s too complicated for us to understand! Isn’t that GREAT?! (Sarcasm, my friends.)

Asshole. :enguard:


As you can probably guess, I don’t think much of our primeminister. ANYONE could do a better job of running our country, even ME! (And that’s saying summat! :slight_smile: ) I guess that’s why he gets my non-existent secondary vote!

Same thing here! The local government is a buch of idiots…

Frankly, Lewis Black should be on the poll, or Stephen Lynch.

Mike McDonald (Canadian) GREAT stand up comedian going! if you dont believe me watch Just For Laughts (T.V. show)

I like Steven Wright.

This poll sucks. You left off so many people…Dana Carvey, RedSkelton, Lewis Black, George Carlin, Robin Williams…

10 options max. As said before.