Best cheap food ever!

What’s your prefered cheap food?

pizza, usually pepperoni or whatevers leftover. i think this is cause there is a cici’s pizza less than 10 min away and it costs like $4 all you can eat for lunch including your drink

The only one of these I have eat is Hamburgers.

Hot dogs all the way, i’m like Zell!:slight_smile:

I voted for hot dogs since i miss these ones i had in my hometown drool I’m kinda burnt out on pizza or at least the same old frozen kinds. I just found a place around here that made a great cheeseburger pizza: mustard as sauce, cheddar cheeses and others, and ground beef; it was so good such to be the best pizza I’ve ever had. It kinda sounds gross that the mustard is the sauce but it worked. I’ve always had ramen in my house all the time, i like the teriyaki chicken flavor. I’m not much for soups though theres a chicken and corn chowder thats nice. Never had spam…tempted to say BUT I DONT LIKE SPAM. Hamburgers bah need the cheese dude. The south kinda makes better fried chicken =(

By hamburger, I mean with whatever you want on it.

Out of that lot, I’d choose hot dogs. Although out of all cheap foods I’d go with Corned Beef.

Pizza. What can I say? It’s big, delicious, and you can have anything you want on it.
Second place is Ramen. I prefer packages since (1) the cup ramen’s never at the texture I want, (2) those dehydrated vegetables are nasty, and (3) you can become creative with the ramen. Like make an actual ramen soup in any Asian style you want, or make ramen burittos.
Hmmm, ramen pizza.:hmm:


On the list which you provided, my choice is pizza.

However, there are a several cheap Greek, Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese and Japanese restaurants in the vicinity of my residence. I prefer these ethnic foods to pizza.

I’m not big on ethnic foods, but I’m willing to try.

In order:

Hot Dogs
Ramen Noodles
Canned Soup (Preferably chicken Noodle)
Fried Chicken

Pizza… $1 pizza slices are pretty good, compared to $3+ hamburgers and what not.

Finding decent ramen in this country of ignorants would be a task fit for 007, Indiana Jones or Samus Aran…

Hot dogs! :hyperven: Yippee!

Tough one. Normally, pasta all the way. From the listed I’d say pizza…or hot dogs. :smiley:

fried chicken, it’s just so delicious

Ramen. The kind you get in those plastic wrappers, not the cup stuff.

Go outside with a slingshot and get yourself some free squab. Or rat-on-a-stick.

Ramen of course!

It may not be tasty or very nutritious, but for 7 cents a pack who cares?

Top Ramen? Fuck yeah!