Best Animated Movies of the Year

2010 had a lot of animated films out in theaters, and amazingly, most of them were pretty good! Off the top of my head, I recall:

  • How to Train your Dragon

  • Shrek Forever After

  • Toy Story 3

  • Despicable Me

  • Megamind

  • Tangled

I have already reviewed most of them here, so I won’t go into a deep discussion now, just an overview.

The one movie I haven’t seen yet is “How To Train Your Dragon”. WHAAT!? :eek: Yeah, seriously. I mean, when it came out, it didn’t sound particularly good to me- the concept is cliched (“kid who doesn’t fit in befriends a strange but good creature and eventually proves his worth” -that’s older than E.T.) Besides, making the main dragon cat-like didn’t help as I’m NOT a cat-lover. Later I heard how good it was but I didn’t have money to spend on the movies yet anyway. I decided to wait for the DVD but forgot to check it out. I will do so soon and then give you my fair opinion.

Shrek, to my surprise, was good, a genuine attempt to go back to the fun of the first two movies. Sure, it ripped off “It’s A Wonderful Life”, but I think it was fair since it was going to end the franchise by revisiting its origins. I found it pretty funny; it’s main problem was that it came out in the same summer as Toy Story 3- that was a baaad scheduling choice.

Speaking of Toy Story 3, some people think it was the best movie of the year, and Disney is, in fact, trying to get it nominated for an Oscar, not for Best Animated Movie, but BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR, PERIOD! Good luck with that, since I really doubt the Academy people will vote for a movie in which none of the actors can be seen. That said, it IS the best movie of the year, at least for me- after years of waiting (and dreading) the conclusion of the saga of Andy and his loving toys, it was everything it had to be, and more. Should’ve trusted Pixar. Really, it made a billion dollars, has a 100% critic approval rate at Rotten Tomatoes and had grown people leaving the theaters crying. And even a cameo by Totoro!! It doesn’t need a stinkin’ Oscar- it was the movie event of the year (Inception what?)

Despicable Me! is my opinion the weakest in the list. Not that it’s bad, but its story of a villain reformed by the love of three little girls came in-between Toy Story and Megamind, and it’s just not as moving as the first nor as funny as the later. Still it’s a heartwarming movie worth watching though.

Megamind was, in my opinion, THE funniest movie of the year, at least in its own style which was more cerebral than Despicable or Shrek’s slapstick (your mileage may vary of course.) It’s not just a great deconstruction of superhero cliches; it’s a wonderful character study- you really get to understand the characters as you watch the movie and realize, as they do, that they’d been playing the wrong parts all along. Plus, it had wicked smart dialog.

Finally, Tangled! may be my favorite movie of the year (after Toy Story of course.) It pissed me off how Disney tried so desperately to trick the public into seeing it by changing the title (from the original “Rapunzel”), having trailers that focused mostly on the hero rather than the girl (in the movie itself he admits it’s HER story not his) not to mention all the scenes that weren’t in the movie itself (especially the one where Flynn is thrown out the tower.) The reason for this? Last year’s The Princess And The Frog didn’t do well (not as well as Disney hoped anyway) and they were convinced they HAD to market it toward boys as an action movie or a satire a ala “Shrek.” Anything but the Classic Disney Fairy Tale that it really was. Thankfully, instead of being disappointed by the spin the public was pleasantly surprised, and [STRIKE]Tangled [/STRIKE]Rapunzel turned out to be the best Disney (not Pixar) movie since the 90’s. It was supposed to be the last Fairy Tale adaptation Disney was going to do; hopefully its earnings will change their mind.

Overall, this was a year where nearly every animated film was not only good but stood out on its own. Next year we have Kung Fu Panda II, Rio (a movie about some pet bird who goes to Rio de Janeiro looking for a mate) and something about the Easter Bunny too I think. I’ll fill you in along the way of course.

I will admit, the last couple years have been really really kind to animated movies. It’s like other studios (Dreamworks) have finally realized Pixar has raised the bar and they’re all trying to follow suit to keep up.

I just finished watching the not-movie-camcorder’ed version of “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.”

W O W.

It has my vote.

Here’s a list of the top-grossing movies of the year (so far):

1- Toy Story 3

2- Alice In Wonderland

3- Inception

4- Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows Part 1

5- Shrek Forever After

6- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

7- Iron Man 2

8- Despicable Me

9- Clash of The Titans

10- How To Train Your Dragon

Where’s Megamind or Tangled!? Oh right, still in theaters, no final tally yet.

Wow, Alice, Shrek, Despicable and Dragon did MUCH better than I believed.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st

What? It’s a good movie.

What about real movies, like the Last Airbender and the inevitable comparison to the animated series?

Well, I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle; they DID give Toy Story 3 an Oscar Nomination as Best Picture of the Year after all! 0.0 AND it was also nominated as Best Animated Movie… how does that work?? O.o Oh well I guess it’s for the best because that way it will win at least one Oscar (no way it’ll beat the Social Network or The King’s Speech as Best Movie. Though I certainly enjoyed it more.)

Oh, its companion Pixar Short “Night and Day” was nominated for Best Animated Short. Should win too, it was not only fun but VERY inventive.

TS3 will win it. They’ve been on a tear since after Wallace and Grommit and the Curse of the Wererabbit.

Surprised to see it get a best picture nom, though it probably is just in there to fill out the nominees. Is it still 10 or something like that?

2010 Oscars flashback: UP was nominated in both categories, and grabbed the best animated movie title. I hope TS3 gets both, but like you said the competitions looks tough.

DR — yes, 10 nominees just like last year.

Oh right, UP also got nominated as best film last year. Rumors say that the number of nominees was increased to ten because The Dark Knight got snubbed just for being a superhero movie despite being, you know, ultra-popular and of very high quality. So having ten nominees allows more movies to be included that the Academy isn’t really going to vote for, that way they look more fair (again, this is only a rumor, but it’s a pretty safe bet that the winner won’t be an animated movie.) No I don’t trust those people at all, I just watch the awards because they are fun.

Ultra popular doesn’t always mean that it’s Oscar quality or even good. For instance, I can’t imagine any of the Twilight movies winning an Oscar despite their popularity.

Sounds like something Wilfredo would like.

That’s funny… you seem to pick on that kind of thing most of the time! :wink:

Rango… yes it is a play on the classic Western Django. That’s why it’s so interesting!

A Charlie Brown Christmas is the best animated movie of every year.

So long as It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is the immediate runner up.

How to Train your Dragon was great. Then Megamind. Then Despicable me. Toy Story 3 was okay. I never watched Tangled. I think Shrek has had it’s day now – don’t get me wrong it’s great but a 3rd was too much.

Isn’t there like a fourth now. Yeah, It is a bit much! xD

Overall, I think they went a bit overboard with animated movies last year. They’ve seemed to slow it down this year though! Don’t get me wrong, I like em… but when they make heaps it gets a bit too much in my opinion.