Ok, so I’ve been reading this off and on for the past few months, but I’ve went threw about 10 volumes in the past 3 nights. I have to say… Guts is fucking awesome, and I can see how he might’ve been an inspiration for Cloud.

I’m only on chapter 211 (when Guts starts to kick the Ogre’s ass). Does anyone else read this?

I’m also contemplating whether or not I want to invest in a modchip (or swap magic) to play <a href=“”>this.</a>

Severely turned off by the excessive gratuitous rape and carnage. Might sound weird considering I adore Hellsing, but Alucard has a certain artistic charm in his grotesque massacres, whereas Berserk just goes way overboard.

Yeah, the rape scenes are a little much, but to me it showed (at least when he was and when he watched Casca) what the character was made of - what he can endure. As for the other stuff (in the tower with the “freaks” and then the trolls) it is a little much, but it seems like the creator is trying to reinforce the idea that Gut’s world is a dark and cruel one - not much unlike ours.

edit: in the dark ages that is