Bell Pepper Seeds

How good is it to eat these?

I usually remove them meticulously because that’s the way I’ve always seen it done. But it’s extra work, so if they’re not going to kill me, I figure I could down a few. Experts, should this not be done?

From my understanding, the seeds are edible. It’s just that most of the heat in a pepper is actually kept in the seeds itself.

If you eat them your stomach will explode. Because it’ll be filled with peppers.

The same principal applies to watermelon seeds as well.

Yeah. Trillian knows that, Kill. See, she thought she was pregnant, which was weird because she hadn’t had sex in like a year and always hovered when using toilet seats, but she was ballooning up like any expectant mom would be. Hell, she even thought she was possibly going to give birth to the Second Coming.

Turned out she just ate some watermelon seeds. Or spider eggs. I can’t remember that well any more. It may not have been Trillian either, maybe just some wad of meat.

There might’ve been a sewer rat and really nearsighted old lady involved as well.

I remember the old lady, but the sew–
Oh, I must not’ve shaved in a long time.

Ooh!! THAT’S what it was! (@x@)

Old Arac Ladies Against Shaving. Capiche?

Shit! Dodged THAT bullet :open_mouth:

can your stomach break the actual seed down? it sucks to bite them, but i never thought about it being dangerous to actually swallow them. im sure all that capsaicin can’t be good for your stomach :frowning:

Well, in bell peppers, there is very little capsaicin. Now if you were talking about habenero seeds…

We’ll just say breathing fire out your ass.

In short, no. Bell pepper seeds won’t hurt you. They’re just kinda hard to eat.

More like cap-say-assin’ with Hades, amirite? He’s straight gangsta.

Just as when you swallow orange seeds, they shall grow out of you :stuck_out_tongue: but hey, you’ll have fresh fruit by your side whenever you please!


I read this thread title as “Brian Peppers Seeds” before I opened it. Scary.

Some seeds are resistant to digestion. Some seeds require partial digestion by specific animals before they can germinate. Odds are, assuming you’re not swallowing entire walnuts whole, you’re going to be shitting out the seeds.

That’s a new level of disturbing. >.>