The first Zeta movie has been subbed.

The new animation is awesome.

I recommend you watch the series though first, or atleast have watched the first 15 eps.

It’s about time

I have the series on my computer right now

God damn you I wanted to make this thread title!

Also it’s worth noting that it isn’t entirely new animation, and it switches back and forth, sometimes within the same scene, so it looks like of weird.

What do you mean. Like it’s one of those recap movies?

And how can you make a thread title to someone else’s topic

Of course it’s a recap movie.

And what?

Yeah, but I liked it.

It’s pretty rushed, but it’s pretty cool. The whole thing just screams fanservice for Zeta fans like me. The old scenes seem to me like a reminder, and the brand new animated battles are just awesome.

But watch the series too. The movie only offers a tease of what it’s like. All the character development is kinda left out. But it’s still cool.

Sounds phucking awesome

Hey, I thought the only fanservice in gundam was that bit at the end of V Gundam and even that was just a joke

And the ass shots in G Gundam

Or lacus’ sexy dress

I don’t mean THAT kind of fanservice.

We get to see the great Zeta battles greatly animated. You know, service for the fans.

Hey, is that a catgirl in your sig

I like the schoolgirl

Wow, all of this Zeta Gundam talk about new animation and dubbing makes me wet myself. Zeta is my favorite anime series ever.