Before it is too late

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why is 8 7 9 special?

Not quite.

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O! Happy Birthday!

Happy B-D, Info! Have some Military Caik!

(with a Transformers touch! :wink: )

Happy Unbirthday to me!

Just kidding, happy birthday. :slight_smile: I miss the days when you’d come into the chat drunk, lol. I even remember talking on the phone with you!

Chat family rules. :scooby:

Happy Birthday! Going anywhere in the city to celebrate? You’re still in El Paso correct?

You better be hammered or hungover by the time you read this.

That would be awesome, lol. Especially if he replies. :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you.

Yep, just chilling now.

Yeah, that was a good time.

Unfortunately I don’t feel like drinking much after the fucked up call I got (see my other thread).

Birthday threads are always the best when you post them for yourself.


Happy Belated Birthday Infonick. :caik:

Congratulations on your continued success at avoiding Spontaneous Existence Failure!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Info!


Happy bday, Info!

Happy Birthday!
Here’s more cake.:caik:

Merry birthing day.

Happy start-of-stuff day!