Before Crisis: More stuff.

So I came across this official picture by Squeenix about the upcoming Before Crisis cellphone thingie and I thought I should pull my bloody perfectionist nitpicky asshole routine.

Now, answer me this:
[li]Why is a regular-class SOLDIER (Namely Cloud) wearing the First-Class SOLDIER uniform and working alongside people who outrank him like hell?
[/li][li]How quick does hair grow on Japan? Because I could swear Reno had pretty long ponytail.
[/li][li]Why is Elena there? She joins the Turks only after you hospitalize Reno in the original game.

Excellent questions. Shame nobody actually knows anything about FF7BC. -_-

  1. Cloud’s deluded
  2. Reno has extensions
  3. Elena’s hot, so shut the fuck up. I’d tap that shit, yo.

From what I’ve heard about the game, that is not Elena, But the female character that you play as.

Whatever, it has Reno and Rude in it. Its going to be badass.

It’s already out. On cell phones. In Japan. And it’s never coming here, sorry to say.