been a while since my last work

I just finished this poem and thought I’d post it. I know I’ll get at least one reply, just like always. (w00t… you rock Weiila!) Enjoy.


I am there to watch your mistakes
I am there to lay you to waste
I never blink, I never sleep
I never smile, I never weep
I will always be there
I will always beware
I see through your lies
I see with ethereal eyes
I make you do awful things
I make you jump through my rings
I am what you don’t want to be
I am what you dislike to see
I am your terminal hex
I am your eternal vex
I am…
I am…


This will make a nice song o_O

really?.. I didn’t think it could work that way, just like the rest of my poetry. Or… are you being sarcastic :thud:

I think it would be a nice song too (no sarcasm) :slight_smile: It makes me think of some kind of action movie, would be a nice lyric for a soundtrack.

And welcome back :slight_smile:

I’m surprised someone noticed I was missing ;D (well… besides Nessa, she’s always threatening me to post)