Been a long time

Been gone a while. How’s everyone?

S’cool, s’cool. But you’re the one who’s been all-out in the “real world” doin’ stuff. What’s going down with you?

Catchin’ up, reading the most recent [God] vs [Science] threads here at the core, looks like I’ll have plenty of time to mess around here now. Been outta the Army 2 months (medical), really changed my perspective on shit.
Good to see the ones older 'n me still around.

Congrats. How was the military experiance for you?

Let’s just say I used to be a conservative Christian.

Not trashing the Army, learned some stuff there that’ll stay with me forever, but I’m not much for the CINC, or any other politician, or into much of what I used to be anymore. Really, I can’t think of anything else to say without whining, so…

Let’s start another creationism thread so I can get Sinistral all riled up. Bring the pain, baby.

Hey… who are you?

Nah, who cares? Still cool that you’re here.

Things around here are more or less the same as ever.