Does anyone else have Wind Waker? Well in my copy the guy in the shop ship is called Beedle, but on my friends copy he’s called Terry. What about yours?

I do indeed have Wind Waker and I think I know what you’re talking about. Does the guy wear a big golden helmet? cause if so… that’s Beedle’s brother. don’t recall the doof’s name, but that could be him. If that’s not it, I’d suggest getting a new copy cause yours is on crack :mwahaha:

I dunno what the helmet guy is called, I suppose I should pictograph him and take him to the nintendo gallery to find out his name, but the Beedle figurine has that helmet on it so I thought it was just Beedle in a hat.

Yeah, taking the pic of Beedle himself gets the statue with the helmet. I dunno what the guy wearing the helmet’s name is, but I’m told it’s his brother… either that or he has split personalities that feels like being a Roman Chariot driver.

I never got up to the damned nIntendo Gallery. I can never find any seagulls to possess…:boring:

Never really messed with that feature, really.

I mean, I bitched myself at getting the trophys in SSBM (still got a few to go), I’m not doing that just for pictures and figurines.

By the way, does anyone know what the deal is with those cursed Towers? You can get a map showing where they all are, so they must have some purpose.

Kill those towers and you get heartpieces for it. Or something else just as nice. =)

Yeah, but how do you knock 'em down? I can’t figure it out.

Shoot 'em. With cannonballs.

yay! Stupid pirates will mock me from their tall fortresses NO MORE!