Because I love the lil' psycho angel...

… I have drawn another picture of Kerr! Kinda spoiler alert for Alternate Fates (you can take a sneakpeak here if you want), but it’s not like I haven’t done worse. Behold!
And he’s thinking “Doesn’t she EVER stop playing?” though I guess it shows :mwahaha:

That is the finest drawing I have ever seen in my life!

The person in the back face, looks a little wierd. But other than that I think it is pretty cool, Weiila.

I really like the shading. However, as Heaven’s Soldier said, the face of the lady in the background does look a little odd…I personally think it’s the way you drew the hair. However, if that’s the style the character has, then I can’t argue with that. ^.~

It’s a nice work of art. ^^

Thanks guys. And the idea with the hair is that there’s a strong wind blowing (look at her “clothes” too). But I guess I need to work a little on that one chuckles