Beat FF1 With 4 White Mages?

Has anyone here done it? Is it even possible?

I know that it is possible, but I’ve never done it personally. It sounds tedious. Lots and lots of leveling up.

I’m in a race with one of one of my classmates to beat it before the semester is over with 4 White Mages :no2:

holy crap, ive never heard of it ever being done, i mean, ive heard of 4 red mages, 4 monks and 4 black mages (having done the second 2) but 4 white mages?? Better beat lotsa bosses if your playing FFDoS in the bonus dungeons…

Easy if you have the guide.

Well, I don’t know if its easy or not, I’ve never done it. It sounds like it would be repetitive and boring.

From experience, it’s easier with White Mages than Black Mages. You have to remember, back in the day, there wasn’t much selection for console RPG players, so trying to beat games multiple times in strange ways was pretty common. White Mages aren’t too big of a challenge, as long as you stay well over levelled. Give at least a couple of your mages HARM spells (called Holy in the newer re-releases), and a couple with HEAL spells. Also, keep your equipment up to date. Hammers don’t hit for much, so hang on to equipment that can be used to cast spells, even if your mages can’t use them. Also, when in the final dungeon, remember to pick up the Masamune, because all classes can use it.

Thanks for the link, might give me a heads up in the race… hmmm Homework or FF that is the question… I think the answer is obvious:get it?:

You thnk that’s something, I once beat FF without four white mages.

Aren’t the HARM spells called Dia (Diara, Diaga, Diaja) in the new releases? (And FADE is Holy, I think.)

You’re probably right.

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