Battle Formations

Who do you use as your main characters? Why do you use them (story,good stats,like them) Mine goes like this:

FFVII- Cloud, Tifa, Red XIII
FFIX- Zidane, Garnet, Amarant, Vivi
FFX- Tidus, Yuna, Wakka

When I choose who I use it’s based on who I like.

FFVII- Cloud, Aeris, Tifa
FFVIII- Quistis, Rinoa, Selphie
FFX-2- Yuna, Rikku, Paine :wink:

FFI: Knight, Ninja, Red Wizard, Master
FFIV: Cecil, Palom, Porom, Edge, Yang
FFVII: Cloud, Cait Sith, Vincent
FFIX: Zidane, Vivi, Quina, Amarant
FFX: No specific party

Reasons for characters other than Cecil, Cloud and Zidane(who I use because they are the main characters of their games)

FFI: Enemies can be killed very quickly.
FFIV:Love Palom, Porom and Edge. Yang is superpowerful.
FFVII: Like Cait Sith and Vincent the most.
FFIX: My three favorite characters. They also have great abilities.
FFX: Battle system requires frequent character switching.

FFVII - Cloud, Vincent, Cid.
FFVIII - Squall, Zell, Irvine.
FFIX - Zidane, Freya, Amarant, Garnet.
FFX - Tidus, Auron, Yuna.

Most of the reasons, come for the fact that I like their individual styles. The other reason I have is that they fit my own fighting style well. Which is “Hit 'em hard. Hit 'em fast. And hit 'em first.”

I go with who I like as well.

7 - Cloud, Cid, Aeris (…and later Vincent). It makes me sad now if I play through that game without pairing up Cloud and Aeris. They didn’t make much an impression on me the first time through, but each time now I regret Aeris’ death more and more. Either I’m paying attention to it now that I didn’t in the past, or I’m turning into a sentimentalist in my fogy-hood.

4 - (Hey - it is an option now, after all) Cecil, Yang (great status effect-giver), Kain (or Cid), Rydia, Rosa
6 - Terra, Celes, Cyan, Edgar
8 - Squall, Rinoa, Quistis
9 - Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Vivi (though I try to use all the characters except Amarant)
FFX - Tidus, Auron, and Riku as my front line-up…but of course I use everyone.
For the record, in XI I had a Mithra Red Mage. Laugh if you want, but it was a great combo.

So, do you try to make sure Aeris goes on the date at the Gold Saucer, too? I want to have someone else go just to see what it’s like, but I figure that since Aeris is going to be killed she ought to have a good time before it happens… now that’s sentimental fogy-hood. :wink:

I make Tifa go on it, but I have to see Barret’s…that would be funny

I - WM, WM, WM, WM
VI - Terra, Sabin, Gau, Relm, Gogo
X - Tidus, Rikku, Yuna

I think I tried to take Tifa the first time (first time I played the game I tried not to use Aeris 'cause I knew she’d die), but every time since then I’ve taken Aeris - not for quite the same reason you do, though.

On a side note, the play you have to participate in on the Gold Saucer seems more hilarious each time I do it. And sadder, since you know Aeris is going to die ;_;

I laughed out loud at the end of the play ,when Cloud and _____ (whoever you bring) do the ballet like spin off the stage. That was funny.

FF1: Knight, Ninja, White Wizard, Black Wizard
FFVI: Celes, Gogo, Shadow, Strago
FFVII: Cloud, Yuffie, …? Forgot the third member
FFVIII: Squall, Rinoa, Zell
FFIX: Zidane, Freya, Amarant, Quina
FFX: Tidus, Kimarhi, Auron

I used the characters I liked the most. I’m not positive about FFVIII though, I may have used a different party.

FFVI - Locke, Celes, Gau, Shadow (When he’s around)

FFVII - Cloud, Vincent, Cid

FFVIII - Squall, Rinoa, Irvine

FFIX - Zidane, Freya, Vivi, Dagger

FFIV your party kinda sticks to what part of the story you’re on. FFII you have no choice. I’ve never played II, V I never got into and I I just stick with deafult o_O

FF I: Knight White Wizard Black Wizard Ninja
FF VII: Cloud Vincent Red XIII
FF VIII: Squall Zell Quistis
FF IX: Zidane Vivi Dagger Eiko
FF X: Tidus Rikku Auron (sometimes replace Rikku with Wakka)

I use theese characters because I like a party with both strong physical attacks and magic