Bastman Begins trailer finally available!!!

I just saw it on E! News and I just HAD to download it!

Man, that rocks! This could very well be the best Batman movie ever!

I’m not sure if that’s saying too much… I haven’t really liked the Batman movies so far. This could be good, though.

Another one?


I’m pretty sure this one is starting the series anew. Plus, the <i>detective</i> will have much to fear.


I think this movie will be cool.

Bastman Begins WILL be cool. I’m excited about this.

Oh, and you know what? The first two batman movies kicked ASS.

I dunno…I’ve heard some loose talk that this one’s gonna be a stinkbomb. But I’ll see it for myself anyway.

I think I’ll pass on this too.

BASTman !? Gaah, don’t you hate when that happens? >_< Is there some way to fix that? Mods?

And yeah, this is a clean start. And for those of you who don’t get 984’s reference, the main villain will be Ra’s al Ghul (BEST Batman foe EVER) -along with The Scarecrow.

So far, everything I’ve seen and heard about the movie (except the Batmobile) leads me to think that this one will be great. We’ll see.

Funny, Wil - everything i’ve heard and seen about the movie is leading me to believe that it’s going to suck royally.

It will. Only the first 2 were any good at all.

I actually did like the second one pretty well, I forgot about it. I didn’t really like the first one though.

The trailer doesn’t work for me. But I look forward to seeing The Scarecrow in a movie.

The third was good. It was the fourth that was bad.

So Batman is a samurai now?

Batman’s a ninja. He’s been a ninja for a while now. :smiley:

The Tim Burton movies were NOT the first Batman movies! Y’all are forgetting the TRUE greatest Batman movie.

The 1966 movie starring Adam West!

But the Tim Burton movies were good too. And Batman Forever was OK, I guess. Batman & Robin was good ONLY because the awesomely cheesy dialogue by Mr. Freeze. Just check out these awesome one-liners by Arnie!

“The Ice-Man cometh!”

“Mercy? I’m afraid that my condition has left me COLD to your pleas of mercy.”

“In this Universe, there is only one absolute… everything FREEZES.”

“You’re not sending me to the COOLER.”

“What killed the dinosaurs?! The ICE AGE!”

“Stay COOL! Bird… boy.”

“Alright everyone… CHILL!”

“COOL party.”

“It’s a COLD town.”

“Allow me to break the ICE. My name is FREEZE… learn it well. For it is the CHILLING sound of your doom.”

“Always winterICE your pipes!”

Poison Ivy: “We will be the only two people left in the world.”
Freeze: “Yes! Adam and Evil.”

“If revenge is a dish best COLD… then put on your Sunday’s finest, it’s time to FEAST!”


Tonight’s forecast… a FREEZE is coming."

“FREEZE in hell, Batman!”

“Let’s kick some ICE!”

And this man is the governer of California.