Does anyone else here like it? (Or seen/read it, even?) The anime is thirteen episodes long, but it only covers the first five manga. The manga is currently being released by VIZ, and seven out of twenty-seven have been translated.

So, yeah… Anyone have an opinion on it? sound of crickets chirping

(I recently acquired 2-25 in Japanese, so I’m very excited about it! :moogle: )

read until 4th volume i think, wasn’t THAT bad, but i don’t really like it

i was bored and a friend lent me the mangas (i wouldn’t buy it)

but don’t get me wrong: there were some scenes i enjoyed but the storyline is to streched and i don’t like that shojo stuff anyways

Really? I found the plot/characters to be the most enjoyable part. There were moments when I loved and/or hated all the characters, even the ones I usually loved or hated. I thought Tamura Yumi had done a great job creating well rounded characters, in that way.

I guess the plot can seem a bit stretched at points, but I still enjoy it! It’s not for everyone though.

I actually thought the first complaint I’d hear about it would be the art style! I know that if I hadn’t been hooked already, that might have turned me away…

It’s too bad to hear you didn’t like it, but thanks for sharing your opinion!