Banned for Inciting Hatred

So lately someone’s been hacking into my account and went to one of my favorite websites. He must have doen something very stupid, because I got banned for inciting hatred.

Well thanks for this I guess.

Don’t worry. It’s more of a question to ask if there are ways to fix this situation.

No, not really, there’s little you can do to fix it but to contact the administrators and hope they’ll believe you. You can’t change what’s happened.

You should probably change all your passwords.

Planting the seeds for a future excuse, eh?

You aren’t the person in the chat who said homosexuality was a mental retardation are you?

No there’s no way to change it. Just learn from it or in the very likely event you’re like a lot of people we’ve seen, stop doing stupid shit and then blaming a mysterious outside force.

He has only had 5 posts, after all.

Rhaka your signature is way too big.

I’m locked in a deadly account defacing war with Pierson, blame him >:(

Yeah knock that shit off you european