Hello. I got an account at Standard Federal. I have enough money to buy a certificate of deposit there. But the interest rate’s could be better

Can anyone reccomend me a bank with good intrest rates?

Interest rates are generally below the rate of inflation. Money in a savings account loses purchasing power over a long enough period of time. :frowning:

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Credit Unions!

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ING Direct?

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Mew, search around for a Credit Union. From what I’ve been told of people’s experiences here and on other forums, they’re far, far better than a ‘normal’ banking institution and much less likely to screw you over should you come into hard times.

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Sovereign bank?


So there’s
-ING Direct
-Credit Union

Which is the best

Your choice of where to put your money should depend on what your goal is. For frequent access, a checking account is the obvious choice, but the interest is extremely low or non-existent so I guess that is not what your purpose is. A savings account is probably safer than not putting your money somewhere, but the interest rates tend to still be pretty low.

A CD is safe and has a little more interest, but at the cost of the money becoming temporarily inaccessible.

Other bonds would work in pretty much the same way, but at a slightly increased risk for slightly more interest (higher risk usually means higher interest).

Mutual funds are better still in the long run, but are also much risker in the short term (they vary greatly, a mutual fund is run by a company that invests the money in the fund according to the fund’s strategy, some have less risk by investing in bonds, some have lots of risk by aggressively investing in stocks).

And then beyond that there are just ordinary stocks. Lots of risk, but lots of potential for gain.

For long-term investment, an index fund (a mutual fund that just allocates money proportionally into the stocks that make up a stock market index, like the S&P 500) is probably the best choice.

Banks offer safe investments, but there are better places to invest money. The bank’s profit is the money made by investing their money in more profitable ways (including things like loans and credit) minus the cost of that money (which is the interest they need to pay out to investors). Also I guess banks are convenient. Generally more risk = greater potential earnings, and banks generally have the least risk associated with them. So it depends on how long you plan to keep your money invested until you’re going to be using it.