Back on Shiva

Well I was playing and the system pissed me off so I restarted. Such as I was always gettign double teamed. I would use magic from a far to lure an enemy so I would only face one, but 2 or 3 would come and attack me. The fighting system sucks with its one target, auto fighting, slow disengage, hard as hell to run, can’t leave an area when chased unless you get far enough. Anyway, I lost tons of exp because of this and started to restart, fuck might as well since I’m headed in that direction. Anyway, a guy on GameFAQs had free Shiva world passes and I decided to sue one fo them since some people here said that they were on Shiva. My name is still Inasuh, but I’m an elvaan warrior now. Just letting you guys know in case you’re in the area.

Pulling won’t help if the monsters are linkers: They’ll link and come at you all at once. Wait until they spread, and then attack.

Welcome back to the server where all the “Cool” people are, Info, or at least where we have a taru who named himself “Sofakingtiny.”

I assume you’re in San d’Oria? I’m still based in Windurst, and the name’s “Curtainclimber”. Feel free to send me a /tell sometime. I have a feeling that once you know how the game works a bit better (like the ways monsters aggro and link), you’ll like it better.

I like, it jsut gets frustrating at times and the level things complicates thigns. If onyl it would jsut go to 0 of the current level instead of down levels. I’ve finally got my money problems sovled for the most part which is good.