back in the 80's why did parents blame D&D on there kids killing thereselves?

but they never once blamed Romeo and Juliet

The D&D fans would dress in wierd costumes that made the parents fear that their kids were becoming satanists.

Neither Romeo nor Juliet had anything to do with satanism or weird costumes.

And R&J’s suicides were out of love, not out of satanic/ cult beliefs.

Like ragnoarok said. It probably seemed like a cult because of the way they dressed and talked sometimes. That reminds me of when my cousin got a dnd starter kit. My other cousin came over that day since it was summer. He didn’t want to play it because of his christian beliefs or something.

Because everything youngsters do will worry their elders. It’s been that way since the dawn of time. Even dancing walz was considered a danger to society back when that was new :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about in Sweden, but dancing “walz” is still cause for concern here in the states! :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as no one is baring their ankles, there’s really no cause for concern.

Oh you crazy Americans and your hypersensitivity. Unless those quotation marks hide a deeper meaning. :kissy:

There may have been an isolated incident of such an event occuring, or they made it up for easy scapgoating!

Because clearly kids then dealt pacts with demons and other unearthly beings and sold their souls to be able to cast spells, bewitch people and become heathens.


Wiser words have not been spoken.

You paladins are all the same :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got a question- Why not blame religion?- I’ve heard quite a few times on shows and tv about these mass suicides >_>.


Are you coming onto me?

Because suicide in the name of God is much better than playing a game for Satan.

Dude, have you ever seen a play about Romeo & Juliet? The men wear TIGHTS! :o

And blaming religion is like: “I laid my hands upon him to heal him from the 15 stabs I caused him with this steak knife, just like lawrd jeebus did almost 2000 years ago…”

Dude, have you ever seen a play about Romeo & Juliet? The men wear TIGHTS! :o

And? So do the women. And you don’t get upset about something that has women in tights.

But the original Romeon and Juliet, their were no women wearing tights, it was men in drag wearing tights.

No kyle, It was men wearing tights, and OTHER men wearing drag.

Blaming Shakespeare was attempted, however, the time-travelling superhero of sappy sonnets found out about this, and therefore created the evidence for a theory that Edward deVir wrote all of his plays, to confuse people too much to lay any blame on Shakepseare, as well as get back at that bastard Edward who owed him twenty quid.

Ya. I think I remeber hearing that most of the plays (the ones that come to mind for me are the ones written by Shakespeare) had all men actors. I could be blowing smoke though.

There have been various periods in history when females were banned from stage in various places. Shakespeare’s time was, as I recall, indeed one of them.