Back from void of Cyberspace - Plus AU question...

Hello everyone, finally getting back to the forums I was in… In a strange, ironic turn of consciences I lost my computer about the same time this forum crashed…somehow I am still looking at Weilla suspiciously. gives her evil eye Anyway, glad to be back and hope everyone is doing well. I usually don’t do many forums, as I somehow sound like an idiot in them. I try to stay hidden in the shadows of obscurity…but I have been talking about this site so much to my friends, encouraging them to send in their works, that I want to take part in the forums.

Plus, I just like being here as it is the only place I can pet a kitty and give it a pixie stick. Although, momentary forgot whom the kitty is, but hoping if I leave the pixie stick out in the open I can have a little fun for the day…trust me, my eight-year-old is in the other room playing Pokemon’. I can now name over half of the Pokemon’ and find myself saying “Gotta catch them all.” HELP ME.

But for sanity sake, and to stay on the fanfiction topic, figured to ask another question to everyone. (Yes, counting the entire ‘one’ I asked before the boards died into cyberspace oblivion). In general, how many of you write AU fics? Or are there some of you who completely refuse to read an AU fic if it drama opposed to comedy? I have only one that is slightly AU, as it has taken one part of the end of FFVIII and changed it. So many people I talk with refuse to read it as it isn’t ‘completely based on game fact.’ This is fine, because I understand everyone has their own opinions and respect them because of that. On the other hand I would have a hard time reading something where say Rinoa and Squall were um…let’s say dropped in the middle of an episode of NYPD Blue or ER. Okay, bad examples, but only thing I can think of at this moment. Now in comedy I could see it, but would have a harder time if it were drama. Does it depend solely on the writing ability, or do some of you completely refuse to read anything AU?

Gah, see I sound like an idiot in forums. jumps back into cyber oblivion having nightmares of evolving Pokemon.
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The only real AU fic I’ve ever really read is “Scenes from a Parallel Universe” by Kaiser, and it was hilarious :slight_smile: That said, I’m not really against them, if they’re comedy. I find it difficult to take serious AU fics . . . well, seriously :stuck_out_tongue: because everything is so out of context. It’s not something I’m adamant about, though. A good AU drama could quite easily change my mind, I guess.

If it’s done well, it’s actually one of my favorite genres. That’s the trick though. It’s hard to do it in a convincing manner. Kate Lorraine’s ‘Mist Over Winhill’ and Darren Shier’s ‘Best of Both Worlds’ are both great stories. Don’t know if you’ve ever read them, but those are examples of an AU actually being pulled off. I’m sure there are others, just don’t know of any right off hand. Take care:):wave:

Eh heh, sorry, but what does AU mean?

Flint: Alternate Universe. It means you change something in the actual story of the game/book/whatever you’re writing about, often something quite small that grows big.
For example Ashbear there and her friend Wayward Tempest are working on a lovely story called “Somewhere in Between” (in the archives :-)) about what would havppen if Squall hadn’t managed to save Rinoa from being sealed by the Estharians, rending her in a coma for several years.
<shameless plug>My soon upcoming “A Look on Another One” (chapter 1 is up already) features Magus, but a version of him who was saved from the Mystics and instead of growing up into the scytheweilding tyrant became the Royal Wizard of Guardia. </shameless plug>

In other words, I like AUs if they are well done, as with every other mini-genre.

And Ashbear… casts Esuna against the evil Pokemon-hypnosis There, hope that’ll help.
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Hey, no giving the love of my life the evil eye! pouts But you brought a Pixy Stix and a petting… that’s a suitable peace offering. purrs and stashes the Pixy stix for later But I STLL think you should check out the Group Fic. We lost the majority of it in the worm, but Wingnut says he can bring most of it back.

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AU fics can be interesting, although often also very confusing since many authors can never keep the characters in character with new settings, and with the character’s past changed the personality of the character is also shaped differently, leading to the question of whether or not their even the same character anymore. Other than that, I think AU fics are fine.

Actually, in teh name of being a flirt and just being playful, I have to inquire what Ashbear had in mind for “Fun for the day.” runs away and hides from Weiila

I don’t really go for AU fics.

The only one I found that I relly liked was Weiila’s “Alternate Fates”.