Ayashi no Ceres

Hmm has anyone seen this? Yes this is another newbie-to-show thread about how much the series rocks :stuck_out_tongue: Well actually I only watched the first ep, but from anime music vids I watched, this seems to turn out to be pretty good. It’s slow starting up, obviously like any series, so uh, any recommendations that I keep watching? I like it, of course, not as much as other anime, but I’m curious to know if anyone else has seen it or has opinions on it…

I liked the serie.

And it’s really unsual for a shojo serie (since it’s kinda violent)
was very popular with boys in jap (even if the serie was intended for girls):thud:

I’ve read some of the manga, and liked what I saw. It’s fairly light-hearted but at the same time quite dark.