Avengers vs X-Men

I was having an argument with my buddy about this. I personally think that the Avengers would wipe the floor with the X-men. What do you all think?

Just a few things to clear up:

-Since both team’s rosters are constantly in flux, we’ll include any members that have served their team for a respectable amount of time. For example, Hawkeye would count as an Avenger, but the Incredible Hulk would not.

-We’ll also assume that all combatants are in peak condition. For example, Wolverine has his adamantium skeleton and Iron Man isn’t having one of his “alcoholic fits”.

X-Men, mostly because people love them more.

EDIT : That and the Avengers deck isn’t out in Marvel Vs. System

Captain America was the coolest of the Avengers, he wins.

I just liked his shield, shields are cool…

Wait, it Iron man isn’t drunk, then its the X-men all the way.

If iron man is drunk, they’d stop the fight and have an intervention. While they were busy telling Tony Stark about his problem, and that they all still love him and such, Hawkeye would steal the X-jet and park it in a handycap spot, where later, it would get towed and impounded.