Avatars not showing?

Yeah, it kinda struck just a few moments ago. Is it just me or is someone else facing this problem? (Now I have to read who is posting instead of just glancing at TD’s XXX WAREZ icon or various other mugs :frowning: )

Ugh, now what? It’s gone ahead and deleted all non-gallery avatars.

They’ll have to be reuploaded. ( [strike]Or they can be restored from backups, but that’d roll the forum back several hours.[/strike] Guess they can’t. )


It was the magic hopscotch faeries actually.

It’s a good thing I’m in California get me some of that there internet. So it may be awhile before I show my face 'round these parts.

That’s what he wants you to think! D:

I need an admin to reupload my avatar :confused:

Then attatch it so one of us can.


Thanks for your all the help, Nulani. But…

…You think you could change back to your old avatar? This one is (even more) disturbing.


Thanks Nulani

Rukia stares into your <i>soul</i>

In that case, no.

Hm, was the file size limit changed too? Seems I’ll have to trim one KB off my 20,5KB avatar, later. looks through magic summer diets

Not that I know.

I’ve increased it to 40KB and enabled Profile Pictures.

Thanks :wink:

It’s that twitch in her eye. By the look of it, she’s thinking something along the lines of “what the heck is that?” I leave it up to your imagination to decide what she’s looking at.

To me it looks like she’s had enough with you and is about to- DO something. :eek:

LOL just kidding Nul, love ya. :smiley:

Oops, I was making a draft of a comment here and posted it accidentally. Feel free to delete that.

Anybody else seeing various avatars showing up as wordy tags instead of thumbnails of the avatar?