Authors! Lend me your ears!

Yo, all.
As you might have noticed, I’ve been rather absent during the last few weeks. That’s because I’ve been working with my hugeass essay in litterature science, and had a deadline going for my writer’s course.
Sooo… << >>
I kinda have a REALLY bad check on what’s going on around here right now. I’m working on the update right now, and I’m pulling this lazy git act to make my job easier, and make sure that I don’t miss anything, which would make you guys miserable.
What I would like you to do is to post in this thread if you have fics posted here on the board that you want added in the update, or just commented on (ie. beat me over the head for being lazy).
And Galloway, I have you under control. Yesss… don’t try to fight it. Same for Maba and Chris-Chris, unless there’s something more you want to add to your stuff.

Y’see, when you say you have D under control, I always imagine you pulling him by a chain onm his knees, with a red rubber ball in his mouth. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’ll send in my stuff by e-mail, after I change them into .shtml files. I’m working on Progress Quest again as well. :confused:

Well, although the fic I’m posting here is far from complete, there’s another certain project that’s been on hold for too long. Remember that one? Well, I’ve been rereading it, making adjustments and all that, and I believe it should be ready before too long.

What gives you… that idea?
(<img src=“”>)
Oh. That.

As for the second paragraph… yayies! :yipee: :yipee: I understand how it is to have a comedy fic on ice though, P. kicks Conspiracy

When heroes go mad, huh? Well, send it over when you feel it’s ready, and I’ll have another look.

To be less inconvenient though, what format would save time on your end? I know RPGC uses .shtml files for shrines to allow for SSI content tables and stuff. Does the same hold true for the fanfics section?

I have a fic up here you haven’t looked at yet, that I think might be ready to go up. Could you check that out and see if it’s “ready?” I’ve got a link to it in my sig…

“Authors! Lend me your ears!”…thats disgusting.

I’ve got something I’d like in the update, even though I haven’t added anything to my story in months. I’m trying to work on it, but I’m just really, really, really uninspired at the moment. I’ve gotten about a page more written in the past week, but it’ll still be another one or two before I post that, what with summer class and working and studying taking up a lot of my time.

Anyway, there’s one chapter in it that I wanted posted as a seperate story. If you don’t feel like searching through the boards to find it, I’ll try to email a copy to you in a couple days.

There’s a theoretical chance that I’ll update Super Adventure Yar sometime in the reasonably-near future. Not sure if that counts, but okay. :3

hands Weiila a blood-soaked bag, along with a bloodied knife. Two bandages are wrapped over where his ears used to be

Okay… I’ll see what I can do with that Weiila.

No panic, everyone, don’t feel pressed. I’ll look into everything ASAP :slight_smile:
Demi: Send away!

And thanks, Gallo. I’ll heal them back on you once I’m done with 'em. fires up oven, whistling

Also, Pierson: It’s sweet of you to offer to submit the stories finished :slight_smile: But just send it in .doc or .html (if the latter, clean html code is preferred, saves a little time). We use a program to convert the texts into html format, which is then cleaned up with a few find/replace :slight_smile:

Just call me Mr Considerate. ¬_¬

You’re a sweet little flaming huge wolfdemon sealed in a hyperactive kid, Mr. Considerate ¬_¬
How do you pronounce the last part of your name, though? :hahaha;

I have a request though, overall… for future stories, please, please, please finish them before submitting, people. I have nothing against incomplete stories, but the Incomplete section is starting to get rather big, don’t you think? :stuck_out_tongue: You are welcome to submit unfinished stories because I trust ya’ll to finish them eventually, but finished thingies are preferred.

Luckily I have <strike> a bag full of throwing knives</strike> two complete stories on my HD I’ma submit as soon as I stop typing this and get some work done. Yes. ^^

Excellent. I’ll go clear my inbox a little.


I will be updating Mirror mirror sometime soon…
(I just need to get someone to kick me in the head for not doing earlier… Shouldn’t be too hard :P)
But that won’t make it in time to the next update, so never mind me. I’m just raising my postcount or something :stuck_out_tongue:

UM… My From Fear to Hope Story I’ve gone back and fixed most of my spelling mistakes and some other stuff. Can I post it all here or…?

Yeah, post everything you have here, CC :slight_smile: At this point that acutally works better (my inbox is a little overful right now, that’ll be fixed after the update).