Auron's name origin

Ive never head of Auron’s name being celtic in origin, but my research has shown that it is indeed a derivative of a Hebrew name. There are Jewish people who go by the name Auron, and yes it is another version of Aaron, the Hebrew for it means “mountain of strength” which does seem to go with Auron’s heavy hits in FFX. I also think it would be a great name for my kid someday.

Tidus is also the name of the roman dude in the bible who destroyed the Jewish temple. I dont know much about that in particular or how it would relate. give me your feedback.

You May find Most of the Name Orgins for most Charcters at

There is a Bloke Called Titus, Who was left to do Missoinary work in Crete by Paul. The Books is a letter From Paul to Titus Telling him and us that to do.

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I Going to check with My Bible mates about Titus or Tidus and your Claims above.

Aaron is the English transliteration of the Hebrew name “Aharon”. Admittedly the pronunciation of Aharon, especially among Ashkenazic communities, is closer to Auron than Aaron, but that’s not the name. The name does not mean “mountain of strength”, which would be “Har Oz” or something similar. “Har” means mountain, but the rest of the name is just an add-on and there’s no indication that the word “mountain” is actually part of the name or not.

The Roman general who destroyed the Temple was Titus, not Tidus. And English blokes pronounce it “Tie-tus” (although I believe it is “tee-tus” in Hebrew).

I had no idea that FFX had some anti-Semitic overtones. Mel Gibson was probably involved in script writing.

Um, I just disproved the attempts at Name Origins here. Even if they were true, using the name does not in any way indicate anti-Semitism.

I should’ve put this " :wink: " at the end of my statement, to indicate my feeble attempt at sarcasm.

Mel Gibson was probably involved in script writing.

thank you all-knowing Cid person.

what country do you guys live in anyways??? ive never heard anyone say ‘bloke’ and ‘mate’ so much…

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Atucally, A Small Town called Leigh known for the (Unoffical) orgin of the Spinning Jenny. (Cotton Spinning, was a revolotion at the Time). I’m not to far from Warrington, and Manchester.

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Er… Au is gold on the periodic table isn’t it? Is Auron it’s full name?

Close, but not quite. The last two letters are wrong.

Yup, it’d be “Aurum”. But it’s probably close enough to have something to do with it.

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God is Deus in Latin.

Um, I tried to submit a name origin but I got no response, so can anyone submit this entry for me? All I ask for is credit.

Heaven’s Cloud:

“Heaven’s Cloud: (FFT and TA): The description says “Sword made from the tail of an evil dragon”. This is a reference to the Kusanagi which is the Japanese equivalent to the Excalibur. The legend of the Kusanagi started as the storm god Susano-O was banished from the heavens and wandered around Japan and found a couple crying. The couple says that their daughter was to be sacrificed to the dragon Orochi who has 8 heads and 8 tails.
Susano-O agrees to kill the Orochi only if he is promised that their daughter will marry him. Susano-O disguised their daughter as a hair comb and lured the Orochi with Sake. After the Orochi became drunk, Susano-O severed the Orochi’s head and tails. While cutting the tail he found a sword and gave it to his sister Amaterasu as an apology for his behavior (the one that got him kicked out of heaven).
After that, Amaterasu gave the Kusanagi to her heir (the emperor) and while the emperor was fighting on the battlefield, he was ambushed by fire. He used the Kusanagi to cut the grass that fuels the fire but he finds out that the Kusanagi can manipulate the wind and cleared a path for him.
During a naval battle, 3 of the emperor’s possesions were lost, 2 were retrieved but the Kusanagi was never found after that so they made a replica and enshrined it.”


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