audio question

Okay, I have a problem with the Line-in feed with my computer. When I deselect the mute option for the Line-In feed, I can faintly hear some kind of radio station. I have asked others, and they have no idea why I am picking this up. I would like to get rid of it since it is just unwanted noise. Does anyone know of a possible reason why I am picking this crap up? I am trying to record songs without any radio station in the background.
Please help.

Maybe there’ s too much electromagnetism in your area. Somewhere near radio stations people pick up radio signals with their phone, tv and stuff like that. Do you live near a radio station? That may be the reason.

I am not aware of any radio station very near by. It seems to be picking up a signal from the antenna in the attic which the tv is connected to. I’m sure there are ways to stop the interference, but I don’t know of any. Would you have any ideas?

I used to wrap aluminum foil around my TV to help stop the interference, but i don’t know what you’d wrap it around in this case.

Move your PC? Playing device? Try when no one is whatching TV or listen to radio?

I know that most Professinal Microphones/wires cut out backgound noise by design, chances are you can’t do this with a PC