Audio Bible,,-6221494,00.html

I can’t believe who they got to do it.

The fact they used Samuel L Jackson for God makes me think of this, which is an awesome preview.

What’s the point on making an all-black version of the bible in a non-visual medium, again?

And screw Jackson, if any African-American actor sounds like God, it’s James Earl Jones. :slight_smile:

We had audio bibles here way before that, like, in long-play discs and all.

The thing that’s news to me, though, is that they also released this version you guys are talking about in mp3 format. Go MP3!

“This is CNN”.

“Luke, I am your father.”

“Always look on the briiiiight side of life! whistle whistle whistle whistle

Samuel L Jackson was the voice of God… thats just too much awesome for my brain to handle.

We got my grandfather “James Earl Jones reads the Bible” for Christmas last year. Good stuff that.

We got angels on this mother fucking cloud.

how many time does Samuel L. Jackson say motherfucker?

“I’m sayin’ this is a motherfucking miracle, and I want you to acknowledge it.”

We now know the source of St. Patrick’s Divine Inspiration.

Now that you speak about it, I missed him saying motherfucker on the Star Wars movies, games and toons.

“You refer to the prophecy about the motherfucker who’ll bring balance to The Force. You believe it’s this motherfucking boy?”


“We’re keepers of the peace, not motherfucking soldiers.”

By the way, Jackson had BMF (for Bad MotherFucker) stamped on the bottom of his lightsaber prior to the filming of the Phantom Menace.