ATTN: Las Vegas and SoCal RPGCers

I’m taking the first vacation I’ve ever had in my life this year. I’m leaving on March 20th for Las Vegas, Nevada, where I will stay for two days. Afterwards, I will leave for Los Angeles, California on March 22nd and will be attending The Price is Right on March 23rd. I’ll be leaving California to come back to Texas on March 24th. That leaves me plenty of time in strange places. If anyone knows those areas, and can reccommend things to do/wants to meet up for food, let me know.

Will you buy food for me from In-N-Out with the money you win from Plinko?

I could buy you some The Varsity. >.>

I’ve never been to this “In-N-Out…” Is it any good?

I have a friend who lives in Vegas, next time I talk to her I’ll get her to list some fun stuff for you to do and some sights for you to see.

Best burgers I’ve ever had.

You could always visit America’s finest city(San Diego).

I’d like to, but I’ll be out of country by then.

Ruby’s is better, but Ruby’s is a diner and In n Out is cheaper. Nevertheless, In n Out is as good a fast food joint you’ll find. If you do go to Ruby’s, get a milkshake. Its worth it. Also, if you’re in the vincinity of a Gina’s Pizza, go there.

And San Diego is NOT that exciting.

Well, for starters your best bet is to buy a travellers guide to Las Vegas and San Diego. These are usually chock full with information about the best clubs and restaurants and so forth for you to be able to find cool shit to do on your own. Even better is they usually come equipped with maps and addresses for you to locate these wonderous things. Hit up your local book store.

As far as someone who lives there opinion is concerned, there’s the Coyote Ugly Bar and Margaritaville, various stip clubs like Cheetahs and Little Darlings. Then there’s night clubs such as Studio 54 at the MGM Grand or the Rain at the Palms. Theres apparently a bunch of roller coasters or something, but that I don’t quite understand that. There’s plenty of shopping to do and plenty of money to waste at casinos. And of course you can’t go wrong with watching the fountain display at the Bellagio.

I’m sure there’s a ton more. Like I said, get a book.

I’m not going to San Diego (that I know of). I’m going to Los Angeles. Unless, of course, someone gives me a reason to also go to San Diego.

Sat, if you need any advice as to what to do or where to go in Vegas, let me know. I’ve been there more than five times before I was 21, and I know there’s a lot to do besides gamble. I have a list of favorite hotels based on how much the coctail waitresses are weaing. The Orleans wins hands down with black lace.

wolf whistles

damnit Saturn, your vacation starts about 2-3 days after my spring break does. If they coincided differently we could’ve arranged an airport meeting :stuck_out_tongue:

In 'n Out is a very nice fast food chain sprawling across CA and parts of NV. It’s been one of the few highlights during my time on the West Coast.

Actually, Merl, it was designed to coincide with my friend’s spring break so that he could come with.

San Diego’s not that interesting.

damn your eyes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go ahead and close this thread and unsticky it, my friends bailed on the trip, so I cancelled my tickets while I still could. >_<

Aw, that stinks. I was looking forward to hearing about it.