Attn: High School Seniors. Song Dedication to RPGC Class of '03

Ok, I just had an idea I plan to go through. I’m going to make a graduation song dedicated to the RPGC Class of '03, and this is how it works.

The main song will the “Final Fantasy” the same song that’s in ALL of them (not the prelude), and each senior will choose a snipet from the RPGC game of their choice, and I’ll put it in there somewhere. Like, I’ll do the first chours of “Final Fantasy” and say, someone want’s Cid’s theme in there, I’ll put it in there for they’re honor or something.

So please put in your first and second prefered song, and I’ll get down to composing shortly!


Wouldn’t it make more sense to use an RPG song that actually was made to be sung with lyrics? Like Melodies of Life, or some such?

Ok, got a plan to get voices on the song?

I’m going to start it off either with the seniors selection of songs, and play it back in a meledy, then end with the Final Fantasy song, proally. Just any song from any RPG will do.

Which IS this same song that’s in all of them? =O

Hey cool idea…
My snippet will be the opening from fftactics. it’s got this great bit, but it’s too short for my liking, so maybe when mixed in it’ll be good.

And yes I’m a senior, I’m just a year ahead.

Presto. Here’s the FF intro tune.

I’d like to have at least some of the Zelda overworld theme for my part. It’s not that long.

Use the theme from Bahamut Lagoon for my part.

Bahamut: Bahamut Lagoon. Can do, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to do something with BL.

X: Legend of Zelda. Kinda figures, like Bahamuts, eh? I can put that in nicely.

Obidah: The intro theme might be a bit tricky, but I can try.

Lesee…all other seniors need to send in their stuff, so hot damn, I consider this being on a roll right now. I ain’t gonna be here for a couple of days so I’ll have to get back to ya’ll by late Saturday.

kthnxbai :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Try putting in a bit of Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack (Disc 2) - Track 30 - Epilogue ~reunion~. I can supply the MP3 if neccesary.

And yeah, I am a High School senior, I just didn’t post in that other thread because I don’t get all that American education mumbo-jumbo :stuck_out_tongue:

Skies of Arcadia, Game Ending. I can get the track to you.

Kagato: Huh? I didn’t even post in this thread…Zelda…eh?

XCountryGuy, X.

I thought we cleared that problem up ages ago. Ion Cannons Kagato in the crotch

kicks thread back up innocently

984: Skies of Arcadia Ending
Tenchi: X-2 Epilogue-Reunion
Bahamut: Bahamut Lagoon Opener
Obidaih: FFT Opener

Now I need

Zombie Girl
Metal Babble


The man’s doing you a favor, help him out.

I doubt that Zombiegirl even knows this thread is up. Maybe I’ll IM her about it, but I don’t talk to her much anymore.

I told ZG 'bout this some weeks ago, and she’s still deciding.

You also need me.

Let’s see. I’ve always liked Saria’s (did I spell that name correctly ) theme in Zelda OoT.

FF6 - Arriza de Caroniette (big spelling errors, I don’t know the way to spell it ;_; )