Attention! Attention! Remember the buttons of your SNES and check this out!

The patch for Lennus II has been released! Lenus=Paladin’s Quest. The second game looked quite a bit better and after all these years it’s time to find out. Roxxor!

I didn’t expect that to be translated after all these years, ergo the excitement.

This one came from out of the blue to me, although now that I’ve looked at the group’s site I see they’ve been updating for months and months. I’m going to start as soon as I can. Lennus 2 was always one of the “big” games left out in the wild. For a sequel of Paladin’s Quest, I hear it’s more than a cut above its predecessor.

Oh, also, there’s a finished patch out for Persona II.

Oh, and also, don’t forget about Mother 3 either. It’s about to hit, they say.

Yeah, Lennus 2 seemed amazing back then. Then games like Tales of Phantasia or Star Ocean got translated and it kinda got forgotten. I did feel a wave of nostalgia though, as you can gather by my well-worded post.

Persona is somewhere in my perennial backlist. Mother 3 is already out and I’m curious to see what it’s like.