Atomic Structure.

I need to know for a project how many neutrons and protons are in a Carbon Atom. I wouldn’t ask this normally but my chemistry teacher has my book >_<

|<b>6</b> <i>12.01</i>|
| C |


<b>Atomic number (protons)</b>
<i>Atomic mass (avg) (protons + neutrons</i>

Sooo… 6 Protons, and 6 neutrons? Thanks Cless.

Wait, that’s just themost representative one. Don’t forget the isotopes of carbon, which have six protons too but differ in the amount of neutrons. The most well-known one is the isotope 14 of carbon, the one people use to know how old some fossils are.

I’ve heard there’s three carbon Isotopes. Carbon 12, Carbon 13, and Carbon 14.

Well… if he’s in a grade where they haven’t been forced to memorized half the periodic table yet, then I doubt he’ll care much about the rather rare isotopes of carbon :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah in tenth grade we hadn’t so much as heard of…isotopes. I’m in grade 11 and still don’t know what the hell they are. Hayes is what, in ninth grade? Or the english equivalent? Probably year 10.(I’m assuming he’s english) If he doesn’t know how to find out neutrons and protons and the like, then he doesn’t have to worry about…isotopes:P

I don’t know these grades in that system. I had to memorize the most important isotopoes from representative elements when I was 16. Some isotopoes have special names (Hydrogenium 3, for example, is called Tritium).