At last, Suikoden 3 has arrived (commets too)

<img src=“”> If you probably heard in the chat after a few rants or so, I have finally received my copy of Suikoden 3 from ebay. It took one week to arrive, and disprite some commets to the sender, I gave him some postive feedback and went on my way.

Anyway, from the hour of gameplay, I have to say this is a fun game. I never really seen any screenshots of this game before, so I was shocked at the 3D, but it was done great and I like it. Even so I did had to take a minior detour at first, as my Suikoden 2 save wasn’t pass the Beast Rune fight, meaning I had to refight the Sliver Wolf with a party I didn’t remember using. :smiley:

With that out of the way, I started up with Chris, and experience the new battle system first hand. While it strange the second character in each group is not controlable, aside from rune, it still pretty cool. I like the mixture of Suikoden’s old battle system and the Lunar Sliver Star system of staying in the old spot of the battlefield.

With that, Suikoden 3 will became one of my favorite rpgs, which is good, as I yet to pick up too many PS2 rpgs, aside from FFX and Ico.

PS: When did Sir Percival from RPGC became a Suikoden character? :smiley:

Nice review Rirse, and yes, Suikoden 3 is a VERY good game.

You can check out my shrine if you need help on it, but the chapters contain spoilers, just to let you know.

I didn’t like the game too much, like most other next gen rpgs. But I must say the music is fun in the game.