At first I was about to have an orgasm but now I'm not even slightly impressed


I entered Blizzard’s site and then I saw they were releasing Rock’n’Roll Racing for GBA.

“YES!” I thought, “I’ve been dreaming about a sequel to RnRR for years now!”.

Well, it’s not a sequel, it’s the same game from Genesis and SNES, just in little screen this time. Bah.

I finished the thing in the hardest level some 10 times. I wanted something new. Blizzard sucks. And they’re selling something everybody emulates in Zsnes these days for 30 bucks.

Communist BASTARDS!

Err, I thought everyone realized this was another rerelease. Just like Lost Vikings. It’s called “Blizzard Classic Arcade” for a reason. Besides, if they were to make a new one it would take forever. You know how they are.

<img src=“”> Yeah, Kagon looks better from afar. Also, most Snes games get remakes these days. But I like it that way. Portableness, yo.

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Communist BASTARDS!

Actually, this is a quite capitalistic thing to do.

they made it quite obvious it was a port…

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Actually, this is a quite capitalistic thing to do.

Are you calling me a communist!?

This all shows how stupid game makers are now…

RnR Racing on the go is kinda stupid, especially considering that “finishing” the game is pretty much easy.

I hate you TD. Trust me, Blizzard’s way too busy actually doing new stuff and ignoring their old projects to do anything but a port for GBA.